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Wand Massager Accessories

Model: AD402
New from Wand Essentials, an even better version of our popular Ecsta-Seat. Wider, longer, bigger, and better, this new version offers unparalleled support and pleasure. Slip into ecstasy with this uniquely designed wand positioning pillow. Simply insert your favorite massage wand into the open ende..
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Model: AE759
Secure her wrists to ensure that she will not be able to escape or interfere as your wand massager delivers breathtaking vibration directly to her clit. This adjustable forced orgasm kit comes with a collar with two wrist cuffs, attached to a sturdy chain. The orgasm belt supports most standard wand..
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Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion
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Model: AD321
Slip into ecstasy with this uniquely designed wand positioning pillow. Simply insert your favorite massage wand into the open ended hole, position yourself over the wand head which is designed to stick out of the top, and turn the wand to your favorite setting. This ultra comfortable seat is made fr..
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Model: AF689
Turn your standard wand into an ultra-powerful remote control massager! Combine this useful accessory with a Divinity Wand or other dial-style massage wands to gain more versatility than ever before. Labeled buttons make it easy to switch between 5 speed settings, even on a 2 speed power wand! Add m..
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Model: AD772
This unique harness is designed so your lover cannot escape wave after wave of overwhelming orgasmic bliss. The straps are made to hold a vibrating wand tight against their clit, keeping them trapped and bound in pleasure. The straps are fully adjustable and accept most standard size wands, includin..
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Model: AF381
Make your lover cum over and over again with the Forced Orgasm Belt, designed for pleasure overload! This unique BDSM device allows you to strap a powerful massage wand to your plaything while you have your way with their body. Adjustable straps around the waist, crotch, and wand head ensure that th..
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Model: XR200
Have your partner begging for more with this device. This device is designed to keep you coming for hours on end. Lock your partner in this belt and turn on the hand held massager and watch them squirm with pleasure. We recommend buying one of the many hand held massagers that we offer such as the H..
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Model: HF100
Turn your 2 speed wand into a variable speed wand with this variable speed controller. While your current wand massager may be strong and powerful, if it is limited to 2 speeds, that limits your fun! The wand controller is an extremely helpful tool for those with the need for adjustable speed. Simpl..
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Model: AF104
If you love to grind and hump, this wand harness will allow you to add breathtaking pleasure to your masturbation experience. Strap your powerful wand massager into the sturdy and adjustable harness and fit it on your favorite pillow. Wrap your legs around it and take a ride towards bliss. Your vibe..
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Model: AE758
This premium set combines our quality leather cuffs with our best selling leather forced orgasm belt for intense orgasmic power play. The belt accepts most standard wand massagers, including Hitachi. Just fit your favorite wand into the cuff suspended between her legs. It is positioned so that she w..
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Model: AE399
Turn your wand into a vibrating, penetrating pleasure object with this 3 piece kit. Just slip the dildo through the opening on the cap, and put the cap on the wand. That is it! You can change the angle of the dildo, from the top to the side, for a wide variety of penetration possibilities. Use for s..
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Model: AE137
With the Wand Essentials Strap Cap, you can have the ultimate in penetrating pleasure with a strap on harness for your wand! Simply slip your chosen dildo through one of the top or side openings, then secure over your standard size wand. Once secured, position the dildo and turn on the vibration. Th..
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