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Vibrating Masturbators

Model: AE750
Beat off in the ultimate swirling sensations of a revolutionary rechargeable stroker! Indulge in 8 different rhythmic speeds of vibration and rotation! Your cock has never felt anything like the soft, textured interior of this male masturbation device. Turn off the lights and feel the intense, revol..
$79.58 $199.88
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Model: AD981
The Vibra Cup is bound to please your rod with its teasing inner texture. Add to this some powerful vibration and you are ready for one thrilling ride! The Vibra Cup is so stretchy that it fits most wand massagers. Simply attach this pleasure upgrade to your favorite wand massager and place it over ..
$13.89 $36.64
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Bree Olson Vibrating Cyberskin Suction-Base Pussy and Ass
Out Of Stock
Model: AC387
Ever dream of banging hot porn star Bree Olson? Now is your chance! This lifelike CyberSkin masturbator was created from an exact mold of her body! You can give it to her in her perfect pink pussy or her tight ass; both offer ribbed pleasure tunnels to grip and stimulate your shaft. Tuck the include..
$86.54 $216.91
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Model: AG229
Brianna is desperately waiting for you to conquer her tight asshole! This realistic anal stroker provides unparalleled pleasure, featuring a unique design with a highly textured tunnel. The lifelike dual-density material allows it to look and feel just like the real thing, with a firm entry and a so..
$22.01 $58.57
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Model: AF684
Watch your penis buzz in this clear head-teaser! With super-powered twin vibrating bullets and a super-stretchy, head-encompassing sleeve, you can experience targeted stimulation on one of the most sensitive areas of your body! Just slip the cup over the head of your cock, and control the level of s..
$19.98 $51.59
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Model: AF207
Stretch this enticing jack off sleeve onto the head of your penis to experience buzzing bliss! Textured internally with nubs and ridges, this teaser will treat you to a unique massage while you masturbate or even play with your partner. The vibrating bullet will cause the whole sleeve to thrum, and ..
$13.26 $34.87
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Dakota Double Pleasure Vibrating Pussy and Ass
Out Of Stock
Model: AE785
The Dakota Double Pleasure Pussy and Ass is designed to do just that, double your pleasure! Smack that ass while you fuck her pussy or booty-hole! These perfect orifices are ready for a vigorous work out anytime you feel the urge. Made with signature SexFlesh material, this double-duty ass comes wit..
$134.14 $329.98
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Model: AF237
During masturbation or while playing with a partner, this head teaser will introduce new forms of stimulation for your cock! Place the stretchy, nubbed sleeve over the tip of your cock and experiment with 10 modes of powerful buzzing pleasure, including 3 speeds of vibration and 7 pulsating function..
$23.09 $61.37
You save $38.28(62.37%)
Model: AF607
Target the head of your penis for a vibrating massage! With super powered twin vibrating bullets and a super stretchy, head-encompassing sleeve, you can experience pin-pointed stimulation on one of the most sensitive areas of your body! Just slip the cup over the head of your cock and control the le..
$20.88 $53.45
You save $32.57(60.93%)
Model: AF605
Enhance your shaft massage with powerful vibration and sensational texture! With super powered twin vibrating bullets and a super stretchy, open-ended sleeve, you can experience stroking stimulation on a whole new level! Just slip the tube onto your cock and control the level of thrumming thrills wi..
$19.54 $50.06
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Model: AF942
This vibrating masturbation stroker goes beyond fantasy, allowing you to penetrate a vagina and feel a tongue within! Treat your penis to 3 speeds and 4 functions of vibration from the vulva and flickering from the tongue. Just lube up and slip right in! You can even detach the tongue portion to use..
$99.84 $257.80
You save $157.97(61.27%)
Model: AF618
A new generation of Flip Zero is ready to rumble! Rumbling vibrations from within the elastomer sleeve bring a sensation from another world to your hands. This is made possible with yet another TENGA-engineered first: two Vibrating Cores are housed inside the elastomer for direct stimulation! Push t..
$194.60 $322.60
You save $128.00(39.68%)
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You can buy vibrating masturbators when you want more than just the suction that comes from a regular masturbator. You can find these toys online, and you can get a couple on sale that will give you a different sensation. You can use the masturbator on yourself because you need to cum, or you could use this product on your partner when you are not the sort of person who likes oral sex. You could travel with the masturbator because you want to have something that will keep you calm when you are out of town, or it might be best to keep it in your nightstand because you might feel the urge at any time of night.