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Swings and Sex Aids

Model: AG123
Choose between a bouncy seat, or a sturdy, cushioned seat... then choose between a sex machine, your favorite dildo, or your partners face! The new 4 in 1 Bangin Bench is more versatile than ever, with a new way to get comfortable and a new way to get banged. Indulge in hands-free ecstasy with a re..
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Model: AE801
Your submissive lover wants to be even more vulnerable to your desires! Put them in this positioning harness to spread their legs open and keep their wrists trapped behind their back. Four points of adjustability allow you to customize the chest harness to your partners size. The elegant ankle and w..
$33.49 $84.81
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Model: AF228
Attach your favorite dildo and this sex stool will give you the ride of your life! The Bangin Bench allows you to simulate sex from the top as you bounce up and down, aided by the stretchy straps of the seat. Use it on your own for penetrating intensity that is easy to control, or put on a show for ..
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Model: AD402
New from Wand Essentials, an even better version of our popular Ecsta-Seat. Wider, longer, bigger, and better, this new version offers unparalleled support and pleasure. Slip into ecstasy with this uniquely designed wand positioning pillow. Simply insert your favorite massage wand into the open ende..
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Model: AC778
Now you can take sex play to a new level, anytime, anywhere! This premium sex sling provides comfort as well as security. With its padded seat, foot stirrups, and easy-grip handles for your hands to hold on to, you are sure to enjoy the comfort and flexibility this sling offers. Almost any doorway b..
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Model: AD269
Gone are the days of legs high in the air, straining to keep them up until you are finished. With this ultra sturdy sex support sling, you can explore a variety of sexual positions, comfortably! Simply slip the neck piece behind your head and position so that the straps are even at the bottom, then ..
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Model: AD573
Even though the materials in this restraint system are cruelty free, that does not mean your play has to be. Made of high quality vegan leather, this piece still offers the luxurious feel and texture of animal leather. The sturdy straps fit over the chest, coming together in the back in an X shape, ..
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Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion
Out Of Stock
Model: AD321
Slip into ecstasy with this uniquely designed wand positioning pillow. Simply insert your favorite massage wand into the open ended hole, position yourself over the wand head which is designed to stick out of the top, and turn the wand to your favorite setting. This ultra comfortable seat is made fr..
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Model: AE760
This exquisite bondage sling allows you to access your partner while they are suspended in the air, spread open and waiting for you. The leather material is heavy, while retaining a price point that is accessible for more bondage enthusiasts! The sling allows them to lie back and place their feet in..
$177.37 $425.49
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Model: AF463
Easy to assemble whenever the mood strikes, this kit includes a sturdy stand, a beautiful sling, and all the chains and clips you need for comfortable, kinky sex! Avoid damage to your walls, doors, or ceiling by hanging your sling on a stand instead! The unique design features built-in rings to secu..
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Model: AE349
Dare to try something different with this slick and shiny rubber bed sheet from the Master Series. This dark and sexy sheet fits perfectly over your king size bed with its fitted corners. Just slip it on, climb on top, and the rest is up to you. With its waterproof design, you can get as wet as you ..
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Model: AD285
Made of durable neoprene material with sturdy plastic barrels to hang behind the door, these over the door Entryway Restraints will keep them pleasantly compliant. The cuffs fasten securely with Velcro enclosures and feature removable clasps so you can play with or without the door restraints. The e..
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