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Model: AE923
Whether you are masturbating, having sex with your lover, or being teased by your Master or Mistress, you will love the unique sensation that this ball stretcher produces. As your balls retract during stimulation, this attractive cuff will resist, simulating a tugging feeling that many men find to b..
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Model: AE892
Explore the intricate world of rope bondage with this silky, soft, and smooth double-braided nylon! The coreless construction makes this an ideal rope for knots, easy to work with and comfortable during movement. Practice your shibari techniques or test your knot skills to bind your lover in various..
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Model: AE888
Explore your chastity fantasies with a unique device for your pleasure and amusement! Squeeze the cock and balls of your submissive into the base ring and slide the rest of his penis through the other four rings. If he gets an erection, the rings will be tight against it, constricting him painfully ..
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Model: AE999
Revel in a unique and customized chastity experience! Your owner will love keeping your penis locked away, unable to form an erection. If you start to get hard, the rings will dig into your cock painfully! Two adjustable leather straps lock onto the cage, keeping you fully confined and unable to esc..
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Model: AC406
Bind your lover in sexy, bondage black, and do all the dirty things to them that you have been promising! This matching black bondage set includes a collar, whip, and wrist and ankle cuffs that are perfect for restricting your sub in style. The sturdy collar and cuffs are lined with luxurious black ..
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Model: AE893
Make an impact in your next play session! Your partner who loves a little pain with their pleasure will love the sting of this flogger each time it lands on their tender flesh. Take a firm grip on the thick, woven handle and swing the eight long tails with carefully measured strength. How much can y..
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Model: AF250
Trap your submissives arms behind their back, while you have your way with them. Made with locking buckles, your plaything will be thoroughly trapped while you put them in any position you desire! Each arm strap is adjustable to accommodate many different sizes, wrapping around the biceps and forear..
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Model: AF203
Take your pet for a walk with this humiliating ball-stretcher and leash set! The adjustable stretcher will wrap around his scrotum and tug down, creating a unique sensation that will keep him on edge! Attach the leash to the D-ring on the front or on the straps at the bottom, to pull your plaything ..
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Model: AE924
Deprive your lover of one of their most essential senses when you slip this luxuriously comfortable blindfold over their eyes. The soft fleece interior will feel lush and sensual on their face. Without their sight, every touch of your finger, slap of the riding crop, lick, suck, pinch, or bite will ..
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Model: AE909
Take away two of your playthings most essential senses when you wrap their head in a devious bondage device! This head harness uses a blindfold to effectively blind your lover while you play with them. They will not know whats coming as you tickle, lick, spank, tease, and please. Every sensation wil..
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Bondage Hood with Breathable Ball Gag
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Model: AF141
Play with sensory deprivation for an intensified experience with your lover! Put your plaything in a blackout hood that is padded at the eyes and ears so that they cannot see or hear what you are going to do to them! Every touch, tickle, and tease will be a surprise to them. The sensations will be a..
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Model: AF140
Create a customized sensory experience for your plaything! How much will you deprive them of? This hood has padded ears to take away your partners ability to hear, so that they will not be able to hear the swish of the flogger or the flick of the crop before you hit them. While there are three holes..
$66.30 $167.60
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