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Silicone Based Lube

Model: AF854
This thick hybrid lubricant is the perfect companion to anal sex or anal play with a toy. The gel consistency provides additional cushion for reduced friction and comfortable penetration. This formula stays slick and smooth for longer-lasting backdoor pleasure. The travel-sized bottle is perfect for..
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Model: VE039
Boy Butter is safe, fun and most effective. Boy Butter can easily facilitate some of the sexual acts below: Masturbation Mutual Masturbation Anal Sex Vaginal Sex Straight Sex Gay Sex Lesbian Sex Sex Toy Fun Fisting Erotic Massage Covered or Bareback Sex And Birthday Novelty Fun..
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Boy Butter 9oz Squeeze Bottle
Out Of Stock
Model: VF658
Boy Butter is a combination of coconut and silicone ingredients fused to create a premium lubricant for sexual activity. Boy Butter has several uses and benefits including: Being an organic, oil-based, water-soluble formula. Washes off easily with water. Has an odorless and colorless texture. Safe f..
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Model: AD616
Make your next anal session more enjoyable with this 100-Percent Silicone lube. The extra slippery formula makes for easy entry and its long-lasting slickness will make sure to keep up with you. Made to be non-sticky, this lube will not let you down. Size: 8 fl oz Color: Clear..
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Eden Anal Gel 4oz Silicone Lubricant
Out Of Stock
Model: AF851
For more comfortable and enjoyable anal sex, you need the right lube! This ultra thick formula provides extra cushion to prevent unwanted friction during backdoor bliss. This special formula will keep your skin feeling silky and smooth, is never sticky, and will NOT dry out. Only the highest quality..
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Model: AE353
Stays slick and smooth Cleans easily with soap and water Longer lasting Hybrid formula infuses the best qualities of silicone and water based lube This hybrid water and silicone based lubricant is designed to mimic the consistency and color of saliva. Stays slicker longer, and cleans up easily with ..
$11.98 $32.53
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Model: AE354
Stays slick and smooth Cleans easily with soap and water Longer lasting Hybrid formula infuses the best qualities of silicone and water based lube This exquisite blend of water based and silicone based lubes gives you the best of both worlds with none of the drawbacks. Now you can enjoy the long las..
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Passion Lubes POP Display
Out Of Stock
Model: AF873
This attractive and eye-catching Passion Lubricants POP Display includes 148 Passion products, including silicone and water-based lubes, 6 different flavored lubricants, clit sensitizers, anal desensitizers, oral sex sprays, and more! A total of 10 box shelves on the front and back allow easy organi..
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Model: AF863
The perfect set to try out Passion Lubes for the first time, or to take along when you travel, this trio of 2 ounce bottles of lubricant has you covered for all kinds of sexual endeavours. The small bottles are discreet and can easily be tossed in a bag for a trip to your partners place or even a va..
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Model: AE606-16oz
This long lasting formula is non-staining and ultra slick for silky smooth motion. Safe for all toys, the blend of silicone and water based formulas provides the benefits of both, for solo, couple, or toy play. Cleans easily with soap and water, yet stays slick and slippery, not sticky. It will not ..
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Model: AC593
Passion Premium Silicone Blend Lubricant is a unique hybrid formula that infuses the best qualities of both silicone and water-based lubes. This high-quality lube stays slick and smooth for extended play sessions with your lover or by yourself! The glycerin-free formula cleans easily with soap and w..
$21.32 $55.69
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Model: PL101-2oz
Experience the best that lube has to offer with Passion Silicone Lubricant. Made to stay slick and smooth, you will love how easy toys will glide in and out. Passion Silicone Lubricant also works great when used on your own or with a partner. After you are done, the lube will easily clean up with so..
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