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Model: AE863
Prepare to experience an orgasm like never before with the Shegasm! Ergonomically designed for easy use, shegasms unique suction sensation is like nothing else you have experienced before. Simply turn on, place the silicone tip opening over your clitoris and feel its amazing suction. The easy to use..
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Model: AF598
Experience simulated oral sex and buzzing bliss with a rechargeable sex toy that stimulates your clitoris and vibrates within you! Play with 11 levels of power and pulsing patterns when you place the tip around your clit. Turn the Shegasm Deluxe around and use the firm shaft to explore external and ..
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Model: AF599
Intensify your orgasms with this double ended oral sex simulator and G-spot vibe! Both ends feature 12 different levels and patterns of power. The small end has incredible suction power that will take you past the brink of orgasmic ecstasy when you place it around your clitoris, or even a nipple! Th..
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Shegasm Petite Silicone Focused Clitoral Stimulator
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Model: AF984
Good things come in small packages - at least, that is the case with the Shegasm Petite, a pocket-sized powerhouse of clitoral pleasure! This focused clit stimulator is perfect for travel or use during intercourse, fitting snugly in the palm of your hand. Simply place the silicone tip opening over y..
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Model: AF417
Target your clitoris for focused sucking sensations! Play with 3 mind-blowing intensities, and 10 exciting patterns of humming suction! This unique clitoral stimulator comes with 3 premium silicone and interchangeable tips that will pin-point your clit and provide their own distinct pleasures. The o..
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Model: AF718
This double-sided pleasure tool provides supreme ecstasy in three irresistible ways. Not only is it a powerful rabbit with 10 modes of vibration, but when you turn it around it is also a clitoral suction stimulator! Explore 7 incredible levels and patterns of pressurized suction sensations that targ..
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