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Model: AD547
This super realistic, exquisitely detailed, fully life sized, 3D mega masturbator is the ultimate in sex dolls! The layered rubber features multiple densities, to perfectly mimic the feel of real flesh over muscle. Her perky breasts are full, luscious, and topped by pretty pink nipples that are begg..
$841.80 $2,178.99
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Anna Dual Ended Vaginal and Anal Love Stroker
Out Of Stock
Model: AE427
This double sided pussy and ass stroker has two sides and a tight, textured love tunnel for twice the fun! The realistic look and feel will make you feel like you are plunging your cock into the real thing! The easy grip outer shell is hard, which increases the feeling of tightness. It also helps yo..
$32.04 $82.06
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Model: AD496
Measuring just 5.25 inches from balls to tip, Alan is just your average johnson. With a lifelike look, length and girth, Alan is more than enough to satisfy with his smooth realistic cock head and veined, textured shaft. A suction cup base keeps him standing tall and ready to offer hands-free penetr..
$14.03 $36.94
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Model: AD778
This exciting love doll is nearly life size, and feels just like the real thing. The luscious, full tits move and jiggle realistically. Stroke her smooth, flawless skin, Bonnie is always ready and waiting for you. Her tight pussy and thrilling ass are internally textured for even more sensation as s..
$211.03 $496.49
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Model: AB994
Beginner Brad is a perfect first time toy for those just starting to explore the idea of playing with insertables. Not too huge or intimidating, this dildo allows you confidently experiment with new sensations. Brad has a smooth, flexible shaft that enables you to enjoy him vaginally or anally, and ..
$12.48 $33.33
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Model: AE625-Black
This realistically shaped dildo is bulging with huge ripples and veins down the curved shaft for your excitement and enjoyment. With a big, bulbous head and enormous, textured balls, this jet black phallus is ready to penetrate any orifice of your choosing. The suction cup base allows you to mount t..
$34.11 $84.78
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Model: AD348
This plump pussy is compact and portable, and perfect for those who like a little more cushion for the pushin! Made of our incredibly lifelike SexFlesh material, Camela is velvety soft to the touch and feels as close to the real thing as you can get! Her tight hole is textured for mind blowing stimu..
$12.83 $33.52
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Model: AD922
Chiseled Chad has a ripped bod and huge rod! Slightly smaller than life size, he still sports a massive, bendable cock that is textured to please. His veined, girthy shaft is over 8 inches of hot, throbbing cock that is ready and waiting for some attention. You can impale yourself on his dick or rea..
$284.99 $663.24
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Model: AE297
Long, thick, and brown, this chocolate colored cock is sure to hit all your sweet spots. With a flat base, realistic detailing, and rosy cock head, you can enjoy deep penetration whenever you want it. The firm material is slick, with a slight give for comfort. This hard cock will never go soft or ge..
$20.71 $52.32
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Model: AD807
Carmen is inviting you to plunge deep into her sexy mouth, tight pussy, and waiting ass. Made of realistic SexFlesh material, she feels just like the real thing! Expertly designed for extreme realism, the dual density design allows for realistic firmness in strategic spots. All of her inner love tun..
$292.16 $680.99
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Cum Shot Ejaculating Dildo with Jizz Lube
Out Of Stock
Model: AD959
Get ready for super realistic ejaculation with this combo of our best selling Veiny Victor Dildo and incredibly life like Jizz Cum Scented Lube. With a bellows style bottle for powerful squirting, this long, thick dildo is ready to cum whenever you want. The look, feel, and smell of our unique Jizz ..
$41.72 $104.06
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Dakota Double Pleasure Vibrating Pussy and Ass
Out Of Stock
Model: AE785
The Dakota Double Pleasure Pussy and Ass is designed to do just that, double your pleasure! Smack that ass while you fuck her pussy or booty-hole! These perfect orifices are ready for a vigorous work out anytime you feel the urge. Made with signature SexFlesh material, this double-duty ass comes wit..
$134.14 $329.98
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