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SC Novelties

Model: AF369
Enormous from every angle! This extra-long and extra-wide dildo slips easily onto your penis so that you can pound your partner with an all-new cock! Soft and flexible, but firm, this extender is made of a realistic material that you can both enjoy. The lifelike shape adds to the fantasy as you delv..
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Model: AC905
This vibrating dildo offers more than 5 inches of deep penetration. You can also use the attached control to enjoy multi-speed vibrations, as well. If you do not wish to hold the dildo in your hand the entire time, the suction cup base allows you to mount the dildo to almost any flat surface. You ca..
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Model: AD720
This pecker studded party veil is the perfect accessory for a bachelorette party to mark the guest of honor! The simple barrette clip snaps into place, and the virgin white tulle is studded with peachy penises. Perfect for a night out with the girls! Measurements: 27 inches in total length Material:..
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Model: DE416
This latex hood adds a sexy and extreme element to your repertoire, whether you are into bondage, fetish clothing, or just looking to try something new and exciting! This tight-fitting mask has holes for the eyes, mouth, and nose so that the wearer remains comfortable while the other partner has acc..
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Model: VF770
Made of high quality black plated steel, these cuffs are also double locking to prevent your partner from escaping! Since they are designed for official police use, you can be sure that they're completely secure. These are a great step up from ordinary silver hand cuffs...
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Model: AE497-ML
Built for comfort and as easy to wear as a pair of boxers, this set of packing briefs will let you sport a bulge in style. With a wide elastic waistband and breathable, stretchy fabric, these packing briefs are specially designed with a Y-front, into which a ring is sewn. Just slip your favorite dil..
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Model: AD261
Go vertical, go horizontal, go crazy! The Caesar 3.0 Love Machine slides between your mattress and box spring for fun usage in the bed, or simply place it on the floor. The non-marring, non-skid base offers strong adherence to the floor or mattress, and the design offers easy height and angle adjust..
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Model: AC432
Finally the full package! Sammy is a life-sized lover that is ready to give you anything you want! Slide your cock into her open waiting mouth, get your hands on her huge perfect tits, grab a handful of her long blonde hair. Sammy has her legs spread wide, showing off her tight pink pussy and ass, a..
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Model: AF426
Stretch open your anus while you clean it out! This extreme enema plug uses a medical-grade pump to inflate inside you! The accordion-style body allows you to feel three smooth bulbs as you push it into you. The tubing that extends from the base is perfect for inserting the nozzle of your shower or ..
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Model: AE789
Suction this already large silicone butt plug to any hard surface and impale yourself for an unforgettable and unique experience! Use the hand bulb to pump this plug up for a fullness unlike anything else. You can experience an enormous expansion inside you without having to feel the stretch in your..
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Model: DE108
These Elbow-Length Latex Gloves are the perfect accessory for those who enjoy bondage, fetish wear, or just want to explore their partner in a new, intimate way. Whether you are poking, prodding, fisting, or teasing, these gloves look great as a fashion statement or can be lubricated for an exciting..
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Model: DE435
Your partner will be speechless when you introduce this sexy Penis-Shaped Inflatable Gag! Keep them that way by slowly increasing the size of the gag by squeezing the ball pump. The more you inflate, the quieter they will be! The sexy penis-shaped gag will keep them occupied while the adjustable str..
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