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Model: AE771
The O-BOY is sure to become your best bedroom buddy. For either first-timers or experienced P-spot enthusiasts, the sleek, streamlined and unintimidating O-BOY provides you with unique lines and clever angles to provide the optimum fit against your P-spot whilst 7 speeds of thunderous vibration targ..
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Model: AF220
This slim set of small vibrating anal beads is an ideal beginners anal sex toy or stimulator for experienced users that crave world-changing sensations over and over. The powerful 7 functions surge through the t-shaped base to the tip, pulsing pleasure between your cheeks and throughout your body. C..
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Ro-Zen Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring and Anal Plug
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Model: AE770
RO-Zens strong tight double ring will support and hold you giving a larger, harder and more prolonged erection whilst its slender discreet shaft sends ripples of blissful vibrations to your bottom, while you reach the ultimate erotic state of pleasure. Measurements: 4.72 inches by 4.92 by 1.77 Mater..
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Model: RO100-Black
Rude-Boy is an extra clever dual P Spot stimulator that is oh so easy to use. Rude-Boys mid-size girth ensures you get firm and fitted stimulation together with perineum massage. The unique hands free design gives you the extra freedom to play with yourself or why not tantalize your partner while Ru..
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Wild Boy
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Model: AE925
Feel the wild boy in you get ready to pounce as your passion rises with each powerful vibration. Brother to award-winning and proven Rude-Boy, Wild-Boys firm sensual lines and edges have been seductively contoured to deliver deep throbbing pleasure sensations to your P spot and perineum while you pl..
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