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Prostatic Play

Model: AF242
This rare find is an extreme way to experience anal play! The unique design of this vibrating butt plug includes a winding ridge that swirls up the bulb, making penetration exciting and stretching easier. With a strong suction cup base that can be mounted to a smooth, hard surface and a wired remote..
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Model: AE428
This elegantly curved prostate pleasing vibe has an angled head and rippled shaft for maximum stimulation. Just hit the simple button at the base, and let the powerful motor send thrilling sensations directly to your prostate. The angled head will target your P-spot, while the smooth shaft with its ..
$27.33 $71.46
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Epic Triple Stim Anal Plug and Cock Ring
Out Of Stock
Model: AE971
Penetrate your anus, buzz your perineum, and enhance your erection with this 3-in-1 vibrating pleasure tool! The anal insertion is perfectly shaped with a bulbed tip to provide prostate stimulation. Press the independent button to send a delightful humming straight up your ass. A second independent ..
$42.08 $107.84
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Model: AF326
Target every male erogenous zone between those legs with one simple tool! This stimulator can be worn during sex or while jacking off to provide sensation to the prostate, perineum, cock and balls! Enhance your erection with the built-in cock ring, which separates your cock and your balls, trapping ..
$22.59 $58.13
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Model: AF124
Much like the original Explorer, this cock ring and prostate plug aims for simple, but intense pleasure! The seamless transition and subtle change of shape are what set this pleasure tool apart from its predecessor. Wrap the firm, but stretchy silicone ring around your shaft and scrotum to create a ..
$13.36 $34.97
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Model: AE389
This silicone cock ring and prostate plug provides targeted P-spot stimulation and erection enhancement in one tool. The premium material is non-porous, body safe, and sterilizes easily. The bulbous tip is ideal for direct prostate stimulation, while the firm ring provides maximum erection enhanceme..
$13.25 $34.86
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Model: AE421
This uniquely curved prostate explorer has a powerful vibrating bullet for new and exciting anal sensations! The curved, beaded shaft is designed to apply maximum, controlled pressure right on your P-spot. Each bulb that is inserted provides increased stimulation, with a flared base and external sti..
$34.04 $86.91
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Model: AE416
This curved silicone vibe features 10 powerfully rhythmic cycles of vibration. It is made of premium materials, body safe and easily sterilized. The angled head provides targeted stimulation, and is splash proof. Measurements: 7 inches in total length, 6 insertable, 1.25 inches in diameter Material:..
$27.22 $71.35
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Journey 7X Rechargeable Smooth Prostate Stimulator
Out Of Stock
Model: AE964
Slide this silky, sleek plug up your hole and buzz that booty! With 3 powerful speeds and 4 pulsation patterns, you have 7 incredible settings of vibration to massage your prostate with just one easy-to-use button. The prominent curve applies pin-pointed stimulation. Premium silicone material makes ..
$45.98 $117.25
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Model: AF308
Coax a more intense orgasm out of yourself with a high-tech P-spot massager. Not only does this powerful anal tool vibrate, but the shaft also gyrates to provide a tantalizing stimulation of your prostate. Dual motors allow you to experience the pleasure inside and out, with a stem that buzzes again..
$57.52 $144.58
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Mega Maverick 10X Rotating Vibrating Prostate Stimulator
New Out Of Stock
Model: AG261
Revel in the reverberations and revolutions of this state-of-the-art massager against your prostate. The Maverick is now better than ever with a dramatic new design! Explore the new defined head, bold ridge, and swollen shaft inside your anus. Not only does this powerful anal tool vibrate, but the s..
$56.47 $144.70
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Model: AE425
This targeted prostate stimulator is ergonomically curved and powered by a powerful bullet for the ultimate in erection enhancing anal pleasure. Just slip the ring behind your cock and balls for an improved erection, and insert the specially curved stimulator. The bullet has an easy one touch button..
$26.37 $69.63
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