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Locks and Hardware

Model: ML100
These durable 1/4" padlocks are great for all the locking cuffs and dungeon irons we sell. These locks are all keyed alike, so you can use any of the included keys with the locks. They are durable, weather resistant and will help keep things safely locked in. Each set includes four keys and four pad..
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Model: SP005
Similar to the Master Lock version but priced more affordably. All locks are keyed alike so no more fumbling for the right set of keys. This is a 1/4 inch lock and fits all our locking restraints...
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Model: AF920
Ensure that your plaything never forgets they belong to you! The attractive and subtle design of this bracelet and key set makes it perfect to wear as a daily reminder of your Ds relationship. High-grade titanium steel forms a chain-link bracelet with a chrome lock built into the clasp, an accessory..
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Model: VF890
Add some style to all your bondage gear with this stylish Chrome Lock. This will add a sleek look to any accessory from collars and cuffs to chastity devices! Each lock comes with 2 keys, making you the only one holding the way out. These locks are keyed alike. Measurements: 0.81 inches tall, 0.81 i..
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Model: AE136
The CleanStream Diverter Switch allows you to control the flow of water to your cleansing hose and shower head with a simple flip of a switch. Installs easily, just unscrew your shower head, screw the Diverter Switch on, then attach the shower head to the switch. Now you have an outlet for both your..
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Model: AF916
Adorn yourself and your partner with a constant reminder of the surrender and commitment within your relationship. The attractive and subtle design of this petite, feminine cuff and dog-tag style key necklace set make them perfect to wear in public as an everyday accessory that symbolizes your Ds po..
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Model: KV145
Great to use with bondage equipment, this snap will allow you to connect any two items, given they both have a secure connection point, to each other. Now you can take your bondage play to the next level and add other objects and or equipment to your bondage sessions. Measurements: 3.5 inches in len..
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European to US Plug Adapter
Out Of Stock
Model: AC272
Convert your 220v European plug toy into a US-adapted 110v one! Perfect for increased versatility and ideal for travel. Just click your European plug into the back of this small converter, and plug directly into any US outlet. Measurements: 1.3 inches wide, 1.6 deep, 0.5 tall Material: Plastic, meta..
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Model: AF689
Turn your standard wand into an ultra-powerful remote control massager! Combine this useful accessory with a Divinity Wand or other dial-style massage wands to gain more versatility than ever before. Labeled buttons make it easy to switch between 5 speed settings, even on a 2 speed power wand! Add m..
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Heart Shaped Nickle Polished Padlock
Out Of Stock
Model: AA153
This cute padlock is the perfect accessory to add a little bit of nice to your naughty bondage adventures! Shaped like a heart, this secure padlock comes with two keys. Measurements: Approx. 1.5 inches in length, 1 inch wide, and .25 inches thick. Material: Solid nickel-plated steel...
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Interlocking 8 Oz Ball Weight with Connection Point
Out Of Stock
Model: AF717
Up the ante when you add 8 ounces of heavy stainless steel to your nipple play, CBT, or whatever kinky activity has you captive. Get creative by clipping this beautiful weighted orb to a clamp, a set of chains, or other BDSM accessories to increase your discomfort... and pleasure! The connection poi..
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Model: AD877
These single use, numbered plastic chastity locks are ideal for keeping tabs on a naughty plaything. Each lock is designed to be tamper evident. Any attempt to remove the lock will destroy it beyond repair. Just insert the end of the lock into the slot. It works like a zip tie, resisting any attempt..
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