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Medium Wand Massagers and Attachments

Model: AF106
Powerful vibration is at its finest with the Deep Velvet massage wand, a silicone rechargeable that has everything you have been looking for. With 9 incredible thrumming intensities and 9 exciting throbbing patterns, you have a total of 18 setting to choose from to find your pleasure peak. When in u..
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Model: AF548
This rechargeable massager gives you two ways to ease your tension with pinpoint accuracy. Both ends thrum with 3 speeds and 4 functions of powerful vibration, and can even operate simultaneously. The forked end applies a humming duo of focused pressure. The larger side has a flexible head with a ro..
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Dual Diva 2 in 1 Silicone Massager- Pink
Out Of Stock
Model: AF547
This rechargeable massager was designed with the contours of your body in mind. Both ends thrum with 3 speeds and 4 functions of powerful vibration, and can even operate simultaneously. The forked end applies a humming duo of focused pressure. The larger side has a flexible head that comes to a poin..
$44.80 $112.53
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Model: AF397
Made for your satisfaction and convenience, this double-sided wand massager features two powerful and independent motors for optional vibration on both ends. Use the larger, bulbed wand head to relieve tension in broad areas, while the narrow handle can be used to pin-point smaller muscle aches. The..
$64.01 $160.75
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Empowered 10x Rotating Silicone Wand with Massage Beads
Out Of Stock
Model: AF325
Relax into a massage that feels so good, you will not believe it is from a wand! The capabilities of this wand exceed all that have come before it! Powerful vibration is joined by gyration and revolving beads in this unique new way to experience deep relief. Cycle through 3 speeds and 7 pulsating pa..
$51.16 $128.54
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Fever 7x Self-Heating Vibrating Wand
Out Of Stock
Model: AF156
When your body requires a warm caress, do not settle for the cold touch of your standard vibrator! This luxurious wand vibe warms up to 35 degrees celsius or 95 degrees fahrenheit in just 5 minutes! Massage your most sensitive parts with 3 powerful speeds of vibration and 7 exciting pulsation functi..
$50.13 $127.04
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Model: AC770
The Lilac IV Multi-Speed Wand Massager delivers powerful pleasure wherever you want it! Featuring fully adjustable vibration speeds at the turn of a dial, a flexible neck that bends with your body, and a soft TPR head that feels velvety smooth against your skin. Whether it is a soothing sensation, a..
$43.26 $108.20
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Model: AF116
Enjoy the many benefits of Swedish massage therapy from the comfort of your home. Massage therapy provides a relaxed state of alertness, reduces mental stress, and enhances the capacity for creativity. With the Lumina Body Wand, you can choose to enjoy a relaxing, light, yet efficient, massage exper..
$34.69 $88.65
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Magnolia Wand Attachment
Out Of Stock
Model: AC346
This beguiling attachment is sure to put a spell on you. The Magnolia Stimulating Attachment is expertly contoured with four silky smooth swells along the shaft, a slightly angles head, and the ever-coveted clitoral stimulating stip. Fit to your favorite massager for a sensational experience! Measur..
$12.36 $31.71
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Pink Tulip Wand Attachment
Out Of Stock
Model: AC713
Wand Essentials does it again with a wand attachment that is sure to tease and please! This dual pleasure attachment features a bulbous g-spot insertable end that zeros in on your happy spot as well as a clitoral stimulator with a multitude of thrill-u tips for added bliss. As you turn up the power ..
$12.13 $31.73
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Savvy by Dr Yvonne Fulbright 3 Piece Wand Attachment Set
Out Of Stock
Model: AD831
These unique attachments will turn your mini wand into a versatile and impressive tool to explore and discover new sensations. Each attachment comes with its own unique shape, allowing for stimulation throughout the entire body. Whether it is dual stimulation, light massage, or G-spot stimulation yo..
$17.17 $45.01
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Model: AD845
The Wand Essentials Shadow 8 Function Wand Massager is perfect for an indulgent, deep, and relaxing massage. Ideally sized for travel and featuring a universally compatible USB charger, you can take your pleasure on the go. The flexible neck and soft head lets you master all angles with ease. A sing..
$50.79 $128.81
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