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Speculums, Spreaders and Gags

Model: VF698
Get a deep look inside your partners anal cavity with this device. The Anal Hole spreader is perfect item for those who enjoy cramming large objects in their anal cavity. With the anal hole spreader you can slowly train your hole to spread to its limits. Measurements: Probes measure 3 inches in leng..
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Model: AD352
This perforated gag lets you restrict the speech of your sub while still allowing them to breath easily. The smooth plastic is tasteless and odorless, and is large enough to gag them without being too uncomfortable. The vegan-friendly straps are made from soft, pliable man-made leather with a faux l..
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Model: AD836
Use this unassuming looking device to spread their mouth open and give you unrestricted access. The comfortable cradles on either side slide easily over all lip sizes. Once you release this device, the U shaped support bar will push the cheeks out of the way, so they are unable to close their lips. ..
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Model: AG208
Open wide! Your partner will not have a choice when you stuff this unique ball gag into their mouth! Fasten the strap tightly at the nape of their neck, pushing the silicone ball past their bratty lips and teeth. The thick panel of fine leather will muffle any moans or whines that might still escape..
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Model: AE490
This medical device has two rounded prongs to delve deep into their innermost areas, spreading them wide and keeping them stretched open and at your mercy. It is designed to open wide, and keep them spread without having to hold it in place. Just squeeze the handle until they reach your desired widt..
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Model: NS225
Wow. The shear sight of this device would make most drop to their knees for mercy. This HUGE all stainless steel vaginal speculum was designed for large animals. Used for diagnostic examinations and or other procedures. Excellent quality, being made of surgical stainless steel it can be processed fo..
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Model: IS117
Medical play is exciting and this device adds a bit of edge to the usual speculum style. Great for those moments when you want them to open wide! -Mistress Isabella Sinclaire This unique spreader has three rounded fingers that dilate evenly, with a squeeze handle that is easy and smooth to operate...
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Jennings Dental Mouth Gag
Out Of Stock
Model: NS135
This medical device is used by dentists and oral surgeons to keep mouths open during examinations and surgeries. Made of high quality Stainless Steel with a matte finish Measurements: 5.5 inches in width. Opens to 2 inches wide outer measurement, 1.45 inches inner measurement Material: Stainless ste..
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Miller Speculum
Out Of Stock
Model: NS310
Enjoy looking deep inside your partner with this speculum. This item is used normal vaginally but can also be used to stretch the anus for maximum pleasure. This unique medical grade Miller speculum is a gynecological device and is sure to leave you with a stretched out gaping hole. This is the most..
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Oral Enhancing Hands Free Labia Spreader
Out Of Stock
Model: AE332
This fun, flexible, uniquely shaped oral enhancer is specially designed for the body of a woman. Just bend in half and slip inside. The bump in the middle helps stimulate the G-spot, while the flexible ends spread the labia and expose her innermost areas to your loving attention. The tips flex back ..
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Model: AF143
Specially designed for the body of a woman, this unique oral enhancer will open you up for pleasure! Just bend to your desired narrowness and slip inside. The bump in the middle helps stimulate the G-spot, while the flexible ends spread the labia and expose your innermost areas to your partners enth..
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Model: AD287
This attractive pink ball gag is made from odorless, tasteless silicone, ideal for silencing a mouthy sub. The ultra soft, flexible leather strap is adjustable for a comfortable yet secure fit. The ball portion is large enough to restrict speech, yet small enough to use for extended periods with min..
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