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Cupping Devices

Model: AF194
Create temporary engorgement of the breast area with a hand-pumped cupping system! Each of the two large cups has a rubber ring around the base to create a strong seal when you place it on your skin. Attach the green end of the tubing to the green tips of the cups and the white end of the tubing to ..
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Model: AB657
This 12 piece cupping set is a unique way to relieve sore and aching muscles, explore erotic massage, or use with BDSM play. The cupping method stems from traditional Chinese medicine, but its effects can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Simply place one or more cups directly onto the skin, attach t..
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Model: AF193
Directly stimulate just about any spot on your body with an easy-to-use cupping set. With six cups in graduated sizes, you can experiment with powerful suction and increased sensitivity! Stemming from Chinese medicine, this unique method of relieving sore and aching muscles also makes for an erotic ..
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