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Benwa Balls

Aeon Silicone Benwa Balls
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Model: AC929
These decadent Kegel exercisers are weighted just right for supreme pleasure. Features removable inner balls that stay put when in use. You can change up the texture and weight by replacing them with your own set of free standing balls for more variety. Weighted for pelvic floor strengthening and st..
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Model: AD184
These blooming ben wa balls are ideal for exercising Kegel muscles for more control and sexual sensation, as well as exploring your sensual side. Featuring two glass spheres that are weighted perfectly for Kegel conditioning. Simply insert the balls and enjoy the smooth, slick feeling as they create..
$11.67 $31.52
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Model: AC351
Though they have a simple design and shape, the Black Duo Balls give you effective and amazing internal stimulation. Inserting and removing is easy as both beads have a smooth exterior and are connected to each other by a sturdy nylon cord. The secret to these beads comes after you insert them, as y..
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Model: AD483
Tone up your Kegel muscles with these brilliant cherry Kegel balls. Connected by an adorable green stem are two neon pink cherries that are weighted with an interior metal ball that will roll around during movement for extra stimulation. Made of premium silicone so they are non-porous and body safe,..
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Exerceo Weighted Silicone Kegel Balls
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Model: AD453-Black
Prepare to indulge with this wicked pair as each ball enters your pleasure zone, one after the other. With a combined weight of over five ounces, these dark and sexy balls are ideal for tightening the vaginal muscles while heightening sexual play. Each ball contains a weighted metal sphere encased i..
$14.53 $38.39
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Geisha Balls Weighted Ben Wa Balls Fishbowl- 45 Pieces
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Model: AD885
Harness the ancient secrets of vaginal tightening and stronger orgasms with this retail display fishbowl, containing 45 sets of smooth stainless steel Geisha Balls. These classic toys have been used for centuries as a simple, yet highly effective way to tone, tighten, and increase sensitivity. Just ..
$302.71 $731.19
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Model: AD109
...I want you in superb condition for our meetings...Sir said as he handed me a curious set of oval shaped balls that were connected by a looped string. I ran my fingers along the smooth silicone exterior. Grey with black accents, they were weighted within by another ball so that I could feel moveme..
$13.26 $34.91
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Model: AE435
Act out your own kinky fantasies with this carefully selected set of popular and thrilling items, sure to inspire your sensual side. This set of 3 spicy toys includes a black satin blindfold, a grey tie, and smooth weighted Ben Wa balls. Slip the mask over their eyes to heighten their awareness and ..
$16.07 $42.00
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Model: AE436
Let the mystery and allure of this sensual mask release your inhibitions, and allow yourself to be eclipsed by pleasure. The slick, internally weighted balls provide enhanced arousal and heightens anticipation. The tickler will glide across flesh, provoking a pleasured response and delightful sensat..
$24.51 $65.18
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Model: AD174
These artfully designed glass ben wa balls are meant to be admired and desired. Ideal for Kegel exercises, for tightening the vaginal muscles, and heightening sexual play. These darkly sexy glass spheres are smooth, sleek, and easily maintained. Made of hand crafted borosilicate glass, so they are t..
$8.59 $23.29
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Model: AD460
This devious set of two 1 inch magnetized Kegel balls pack some serious pressure! Once inside, the user will need to tighten her Kegel muscles to keep these weighted magnets inside. These medium sized balls are ideal for tightening of the vaginal walls, as well as simultaneously stimulating her thro..
$14.43 $38.27
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Model: AC934-Black
She sat blindfolded, anxiously waiting for the next instruction to come. Biting her lip in anticipation, she hears...Hold out your hand...She did as she was told. Her sight hindered behind the blindfold, she had to rely on her other senses. Placed in her hand were two weighted balls that felt a litt..
$8.18 $21.64
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