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3D Masturbators

Check online for the best sex dolls because you cannot buy love dolls unless they are easy to use and realistic. Realistic sex dolls are fun to use because you have something under you that will accept you without a word. You can use lube on the sex doll, and you can position the doll in any way that you like. Sex dolls are a good way for you to experiment because they provide you with a way to move around, to learn how to manoeuvre with a partner, and learn how you prefer sex. Buying sex dolls on sale is a great investment especially when you are working on technique or need to have something around that is fun to play around with.

Model: AD547
This super realistic, exquisitely detailed, fully life sized, 3D mega masturbator is the ultimate in sex dolls! The layered rubber features multiple densities, to perfectly mimic the feel of real flesh over muscle. Her perky breasts are full, luscious, and topped by pretty pink nipples that are begg..
$841.80 $2,178.99
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Model: AD778
This exciting love doll is nearly life size, and feels just like the real thing. The luscious, full tits move and jiggle realistically. Stroke her smooth, flawless skin, Bonnie is always ready and waiting for you. Her tight pussy and thrilling ass are internally textured for even more sensation as s..
$207.19 $496.49
You save $289.29(58.27%)
Model: AD807
Carmen is inviting you to plunge deep into her sexy mouth, tight pussy, and waiting ass. Made of realistic SexFlesh material, she feels just like the real thing! Expertly designed for extreme realism, the dual density design allows for realistic firmness in strategic spots. All of her inner love tun..
$286.64 $680.99
You save $394.35(57.91%)
Model: AE785
The Dakota Double Pleasure Pussy and Ass is designed to do just that, double your pleasure! Smack that ass while you fuck her pussy or booty-hole! These perfect orifices are ready for a vigorous work out anytime you feel the urge. Made with signature SexFlesh material, this double-duty ass comes wit..
$131.66 $329.98
You save $198.32(60.1%)
Model: AC846
This incredible dildo and ass is made out of the high quality SexFlesh for the most realistic combo masturbator you will ever come across. Grip the taut, firm little ass as you take in all 8.5 meaty inches. The moldable core will bend to your every desire, filling you up with a cock that does not qu..
$206.84 $498.99
You save $292.15(58.55%)
Model: AD996
Fiona is hot, ready, and always down to fuck! Her super lifelike curves will tantalize you. Her super realistic flesh will jiggle with every thrust. She is a fully 3D, life size masturbator with two openings for your pleasure. Her full, squeezable breasts are soft and luscious, and her round, juicy ..
$458.57 $1,155.29
You save $696.72(60.31%)
Model: JJ108
Petite and perfect for discreet action! Jesses sweet, tight pussy and ass are ready for you... Bend this babe over and give her all you got. Jesse Jane is here to reclaim her throne. The bubby and busty blonde is back and ready for your cock! This All-American bombshell is one of the biggest porn st..
$102.09 $262.07
You save $159.98(61.05%)
Model: JJ109
Roll her over on her side for a quicky! This pretty little lady has her holes exposed for your use. Jesse Jane is here to reclaim her throne. The bubby and busty blonde is back and ready for your cock! This All-American bombshell is one of the biggest porn stars of all time, known for her award-win..
$93.05 $239.03
You save $145.98(61.07%)
Model: AD678
This extremely lifelike sex doll is made from ultra soft, pliable, and realistic SexFlesh. Her deliciously tight ass or orgasmic pussy are ready and waiting for you! Her velvety smooth, skin soft material moves with every thrust, just like the real thing. You can flip her over and take her from behi..
$317.19 $824.16
You save $506.97(61.51%)
Model: AE253
Get two amazing masturbators for the price of one with this Buy One Get one Free Pussy and Ass Masturbator set! With the purchase of 3D Spread Legs Leah, you will get Take Me from Behind Becky for FREE! 3D Spread Legs Leah is not only made from ultra realistic SexFlesh, but is also 3D sculpted for a..
$343.44 $858.77
You save $515.33(60.01%)
Model: AF778
Mistress Alexis is begging you to stuff her full of cum! This sexy sidesaddle pussy and ass masturbator has a realistic look and feel, lifelike handpainted detailing, and two tight love tunnels for the ultimate in realistic pleasure. The removable bullet has 10 vibration and pulsation patterns for l..
$53.46 $132.01
You save $78.55(59.5%)
Model: AF764
Even better than the girl next door! Ashley has soft, supple skin, an ultra realistic look and feel, and handpainted lips that are pink and slick. The tight tunnel features internal rubs for enhanced sensation. The outside features a molded grip, designed for increased tightness as you squeeze. The ..
$10.64 $28.46
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