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Masturbation Toys

Model: AD547
This super realistic, exquisitely detailed, fully life sized, 3D mega masturbator is the ultimate in sex dolls! The layered rubber features multiple densities, to perfectly mimic the feel of real flesh over muscle. Her perky breasts are full, luscious, and topped by pretty pink nipples that are begg..
$841.80 $2,178.99
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Air Cushion Cup
Out Of Stock
Model: AF276
Let the Air Cushion Embrace You! A world-first, air cushion design allows air pressure to flow between 24 internal chambers for a completely new feedback upon insertion! Enjoy the embrace of our Air Cushion CUP! Measurements: 2.56 inches in wide and 6.10 inches tall. Material: TPE, PE. Color: White...
$13.38 $26.37
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Anna Dual Ended Vaginal and Anal Love Stroker
Out Of Stock
Model: AE427
This double sided pussy and ass stroker has two sides and a tight, textured love tunnel for twice the fun! The realistic look and feel will make you feel like you are plunging your cock into the real thing! The easy grip outer shell is hard, which increases the feeling of tightness. It also helps yo..
$32.04 $82.06
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Model: AG388
Who can resist a bad boy? Asher has the appearance and attitude that allow him to get whatever he wants... just the right amount of stubble, perfectly chiseled abs, and the kind of charm that will get you into trouble! But he has also got the stamina to handle whatever you have in store for him... w..
$1,972.25 $5,065.99
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Model: AD778
This exciting love doll is nearly life size, and feels just like the real thing. The luscious, full tits move and jiggle realistically. Stroke her smooth, flawless skin, Bonnie is always ready and waiting for you. Her tight pussy and thrilling ass are internally textured for even more sensation as s..
$211.03 $496.49
You save $285.45(57.49%)
Model: AF814
The worlds most popular doll is now lifesize with all the right parts! And she is all yours to play with whenever and however you want... Thanks to cutting-edge developments in material and design, you can experience a pleasure doll that looks and feels more lifelike than ever before. This classic b..
$1,704.08 $4,288.50
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Model: AE750
Beat off in the ultimate swirling sensations of a revolutionary rechargeable stroker! Indulge in 8 different rhythmic speeds of vibration and rotation! Your cock has never felt anything like the soft, textured interior of this male masturbation device. Turn off the lights and feel the intense, revol..
$79.58 $199.88
You save $120.31(60.19%)
Model: AE228
Open wide…this internally worn sheath adds length and girth, while cushioning your plaything as you pound away. Doubles as a masturbator for solo sessions. The textured interior makes for over the top orgasms, and a cleaner experience. Use for adding more impact to your cock, or more tightness and p..
$20.35 $51.96
You save $31.61(60.84%)
Model: AD981
The Vibra Cup is bound to please your rod with its teasing inner texture. Add to this some powerful vibration and you are ready for one thrilling ride! The Vibra Cup is so stretchy that it fits most wand massagers. Simply attach this pleasure upgrade to your favorite wand massager and place it over ..
$13.89 $36.64
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Bree Olson Vibrating Cyberskin Suction-Base Pussy and Ass
Out Of Stock
Model: AC387
Ever dream of banging hot porn star Bree Olson? Now is your chance! This lifelike CyberSkin masturbator was created from an exact mold of her body! You can give it to her in her perfect pink pussy or her tight ass; both offer ribbed pleasure tunnels to grip and stimulate your shaft. Tuck the include..
$86.54 $216.91
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Model: AG229
Brianna is desperately waiting for you to conquer her tight asshole! This realistic anal stroker provides unparalleled pleasure, featuring a unique design with a highly textured tunnel. The lifelike dual-density material allows it to look and feel just like the real thing, with a firm entry and a so..
$22.01 $58.57
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Model: AG369
A strong jaw speckled with stubble and a body that is no stranger to manual labor... this construction worker knows how to handle a tool and fill a hole. Contract Brett to work for you and he will have no problem getting the job done. But there always seems to be something that needs fixing, so you ..
$1,972.25 $5,065.99
You save $3,093.74(61.07%)
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Maturation toys are some of the most exciting things you can buy for yourself or your partner. You should start thinking about what feels the best for you, and you might want to ask your partner what they like. Some people want to buy these toys for their partners because they want to keep their partners on edge, or you can buy masturbation toys for yourself. The wide array of toys will give you many ideas for private playtime, for training your partner, or for having fun every night.

What Are Masturbation Toys?

A masturbation toy is anything that will give you an intense sensation and help you achieve orgasm on your own. You can get anal toys and prostate probes for men. You can get vibrators for both men and women, and you might get a fleshlight that is just for men. You can use dildos on yourself, or you can get a double-penetrating plug for a lady. 

Masturbation toys might also include cock rings that you put on men to increase the sensation they feel. If you want to take another step, you could get a vibrator and a cock ring to edge your male partner. Some men prefer vibrating anal toys because they can quickly achieve a prostate orgasm. (If you have never felt one before, you will love it.)

Why Should You Keep An Assortment Of Masturbation Toys?

You should keep an assortment of masturbation toys because you never know what you will need for yourself or your partner. Some ladies like to keep a dildo that they can use for anal play, but they might use a much larger one for vaginal play. You can use a double-penetrating probe if you are teasing your female partner, and you can get cock rings and vibrating anal toys for men. When you combine these toys, you can double your pleasure. You get to be creative, and you can buy as many versions of the same toy as you want.

One More Thing About Our Masturbation Toys

Do not be afraid to buy some lube to use with your toys. Plus, you should get a few toys so that you can use them all at the same time. Edging yourself or teasing your partner is much more fun if you have been using these toys. You can start with a vibrator and move on to more advanced toys to find out how much you or your partner can handle.