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Model: AF842
Ecstasy meets innovation with this state-of-the-art G-spot and clitoral vibrator! The remote controlled design makes it an exciting couples toy, and a more convenient solo toy. However, the feature that sets this vibe apart is the set of beads beneath the surface of the exterior portion, which rotat..
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Model: AG272
Experience a blended orgasm from the blissfully buzzing bunny against your clitoris and the smooth-as-silk shaft that simulates a Come-Hither motion against your sweet spot. This premium silicone vibrator features 3 speeds of thrumming and 7 patterns of throbbing, as well as an ample shaft that flex..
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Model: AF670
This power charged, double ended pleasure stick can be used so many different ways, it will be like having a whole toy box all in one! The two lightly textured heads feature strong, independent motors, with 3 speeds and 4 functions to choose from, The shaft is bendable, for durable flexibility on yo..
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G-Licker 12X Silicone Vibe with Clitoral Stimulation
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Model: AF542
Better than your average rabbit-style vibrator, this incredible pleasure tool delivers internal vibration with a smoothly curving shaft, while simulating oral sex with a spinning clitoral stimulator. Enjoy the silky swells of the penetrator as it thrums with 12 settings, including 3 speeds and 9 pat..
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G-Spin Silicone Vibrator with Spinning Clitoral Stimulator
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Model: AF395
This luxurious and innovative rabbit vibrator goes a step beyond providing internal and external pleasure to its user. A unique spinning clit stimulator creates a sensation similar to oral sex while you are penetrated by a powerfully vibrating shaft! This smooth, silky internal portion is curved to ..
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Model: XR927-Inmi
Easily browse 12 pages of INMI products in vibrant color! The 2016 full line catalog contains photos, SKUs, ad descriptions for products. It has never been easier to place your order! Measurements: 11 inches in length, 8.5 inches in width. Color: Pink...
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Model: AD876
With its unique Come Hither motion, this first of its kind rabbit style vibe is packed with incredible stimulating features for the ultimate in sensual pleasure. The unique G-spot tip flexes and pulses to create an incredible sensation inside you, bending forward and back again like a beckoning fing..
$91.72 $239.11
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Model: XR903-INMI
Cap off your INMI display with an attractive and functional planogram banner. Printed on heavy cardstock, this display sign will let your customers know what they are buying and where to go to get more! Keep your store looking modern and inviting with this comprehensive signage. Measurements: 23.7 i..
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Model: AE863
Prepare to experience an orgasm like never before with the Shegasm! Ergonomically designed for easy use, shegasms unique suction sensation is like nothing else you have experienced before. Simply turn on, place the silicone tip opening over your clitoris and feel its amazing suction. The easy to use..
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Lapin 10 Mode Vibe with Twin Vibrating Ears
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Model: AE327
This playful bunny features two contact points, for delicate and targeted stimulation! Ten powerful, rhythmic vibration modes will send you over the edge of ecstasy, as the twin ears dance across your flesh. Insert one or both ears for internal satisfaction, or tease and pleas any part of your body!..
$47.33 $120.40
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Model: AE523
Three stimulating rotary speed and eight powerful vibration modes make this spinning silicone stimulator an incredible way to experience orgasmic bliss. The soft silicone stimulators are like having your very own oral sex machine that never gets tired. You can use either end, as a traditional vibe o..
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Model: AF552
Miniature, but mighty! This petite and discreet wand massager is perfect for travel, or even keeping in your purse! It packs 3 speeds and 7 functions of powerful vibration, all controlled by a single button for ease of use. A flexible head ensures the perfect angles without wrist strain, while the s..
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