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Inflatable Anal Toys

Model: AE130
Fill them up with this inflatable, accordion style anal plug from the Master Series. Take your anal play to the next level with this sizable plug that expands inside you, for an amazingly full feeling and an incredible stretch. The smooth rubber plug expands with each squeeze of the pump, and quickl..
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Model: AC451
Fill your ass up a little or a lot with the Anal Expander Vibrating Probe! The curvy shaft makes for a thrilling insertion experience, and the fun really begins when you grab the hand pump and inflate the probe so it expands to stretch you out and fill you up. To top it all off, a convenient remote ..
$35.74 $93.18
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Model: DE720
This is an Enema Classic Favorite! This butt plug has a rubber tube running through it. Fluids can pass through while it is inflated! Once the plug is inserted and inflated the large rubber hose can be hooked to an enema bag. When the time comes to administer the enema, the fluid will flow through t..
$31.48 $82.73
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Model: VE783
Latex and rubber inflating butt plug with easy purge valve. You can easily inflate this butt plug with the rubber pressure bulb. Inflate the butt plug to your desired size for maximum anal pleasure. Measurements: 4.5 inches in length, 1.5 inches in width uninflated; 6.5 inches in length and 3.5 inch..
$16.52 $39.95
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Model: AG200
Experience the eroticism of expansion in your ass! This inflatable butt plug starts out small with a tapered tip, making it great for those who are newer to anal play, or who simply prefer a slim insertion. Give the hand bulb 1 or 2 squeezes for a more firm initial penetration. Once you are comforta..
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Deluxe Wonder Plug
Out Of Stock
Model: EC120-Black
Get plugged in to an anal pleasure wonderland with this rubber plug! Inflate... Vibrate... Penetrate... Anal pleasure awaits. Multi-speed gets you there fast! Measurements: Deflated: 5 inches in total length, 4 insertable, 1.65 inches in diameter; Inflated: 6 inches in total length, 5 insertable, 3...
$26.57 $69.83
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Model: AD850
This inflatable dildo and anal plug set provides twice the expanding pleasure, and adds a new dimension to your play. Use it as a double penetration toy for you, or stretch the orifices of you and your partner simultaneously. Both expanders are semi-rigid and controlled by the same bulb. There is a ..
$60.66 $152.81
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Model: AE233
Want to stretch the bounds of your enema play? This inflatable plug offers gradual expansion, while still allowing water to pass in and out of you. Just pump it using the medical style bulb. The quick release valve on the side makes for easy deflation. With the flow through tubing at the bottom of t..
$36.24 $92.59
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Model: AD781
With the Expander Inflatable Anal Plug, you can enjoy a full feeling with an incredible stretch. The smooth plug comes to a tapered, rounded tip for easy insertion, while the flared base ensures easy retrieval and comfort. You can quickly deflate the plug by pressing the quick release button at the ..
$21.77 $56.73
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Model: AD782
Take ass play to the next level with the Expand XL Inflatable Anal Plug. This impressive plug expands inside the anus, providing a full feeling with an incredible stretch. The smooth plug comes to a tapered round tip for easy insertion, while the flared base ensures easy retrieval and comfort. You c..
$29.10 $75.18
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Model: AE272
Take anal play to the next level with the Expander Inflatable Plug. This innovative design consists of a classic expanding butt plug with an integrated medical style hand pump, which can be removed once you have reached your desired size. Once removed, the plug is designed to keep its size until you..
$34.15 $87.02
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Exxpander Inflatable Plug with Cock Ring and Removable Pump
Out Of Stock
Model: AE273
This unique cock and ass toy lets you enhance your rod while enjoying customized anal expansion. The cock ring fits snugly behind the cock and balls, extra thick for more retention. The firm anal plug slides smoothly inside, where it expands to fill you completely. Use the ball-style hand pump to re..
$37.68 $95.18
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The best inflatable anal toys are exciting to use because you can buy them on sale with a pump or attachment that will work with an air compressor. You can search online for an inflatable sex toy that will test your partner, and you could use these devices on your submissive partner to see how much you can stretch them out. Some people will use these inflatable sex toys on themselves because they like the way it feels when the device inflates. Plus, this is a great thing to use when you want to try out anal play without being scared of how large the probe will be. You can experiment easily with an inflatable toy.