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Model: ST805
Has your partner been a bad boy or girl? Need punish them for their misdeeds? Well this slapper is the perfect tool to inflict that punishment! This slapper packs quite a sting in a little package. The five holes at the end of the slapper will also leave a mark on the receiver! Just little reminder ..
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Model: AD267-Black
Elegantly braided and carefully crafted for the finest in sensual pleasure, this 48 inch long whip has been fashioned for quality and longevity. The braided leather tapers down into a thin wisp of a tail that delivers a sting to exposed flesh with each flick of your wrist. Made to last, this whip is..
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Model: AE893
Make an impact in your next play session! Your partner who loves a little pain with their pleasure will love the sting of this flogger each time it lands on their tender flesh. Take a firm grip on the thick, woven handle and swing the eight long tails with carefully measured strength. How much can y..
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Auto Flogger Whip Attachment for Drills
Out Of Stock
Model: AF449
This flogger attachment provides non-stop impact when attached to a standard drill. Each of the 16 strand wills slap at your desired body part as the drill spins at whatever speed you desire. The metal rod easily inserts into most chucks, providing you with endless pain and pleasure without the labo..
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Model: AA386
Beat them black and blue with this high quality suede flogger! The soft, flexible falls alternate in color, and are flat-tipped. The handle is woven in a herringbone pattern, for a sturdy grip and attractive look. The braided wrist loop completes the piece, for an overall stunning look and feel. Mea..
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Cat Tails Suede Hand Flogger
Out Of Stock
Model: AD218
Soft, supple suede tails and a small size make this a great beginner whip for anyone interested in a little spanking play, or for more experienced users who just prefer a softer touch. Whether you use this little flogger to tickle, tease, or tame, it is sure to delight and satisfy. Measurements: 15 ..
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Model: AD217
This mini cat-o-nine-tails features a split manmade leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane, making it perfect for those who wish to dabble in some spicy impact play. The petite size allows it to be tucked discreetly away in a drawer when the fun is over. The spiral wrapped handle is to..
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Crimson Tied 3 Piece Impact Kit
Out Of Stock
Model: AE377
This 3 piece set from Crimson Tied combines our matching impact toys with a blackout blindfold for thrilling sensory play. Restricting their sight heightens anticipation, whether you choose the steel reinforced spanking paddle or the soft tails of the flogger. All are made from man made materials, w..
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Crimson Tied Embossed Flogger
Out Of Stock
Model: AE147
This stylish flogger features an embossed red and black vinyl handle, with a multitude of sensation arousing tassels. The faux leather falls provide a nice impact with just a hint of sting, while the wrist strap keeps everything in your control. Measurements: 15 inches in length, 1 inch in diameter ..
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Model: AE146
Perfect for disciplining your naughty plaything, this stiff paddle features a steel enforced design. The exterior is embossed with a red and black diamond pattern on one side, and a smooth faux leather on the other. The handle has a loop for hanging or to wrap around your wrist while you administer ..
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Deluxe Rounded Paddle with Holes
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Model: AF144
Smack the pretty ass of your submissive with this heavy duty paddle to give them the thud of pain that they crave! A firm core that runs from the handle up the middle provides you with maximum control and helps to land sturdy blows on your target. Eight holes in the paddle will create a strong sting..
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Model: SA104
This slapper has a long handle with a pointed leather end which resembles the tail of the devil. To keep up the theme, the handle is wrapped in red and black leather straps. There's a wrist strap at the end of the handle for an easier grip. Measurements: 25 inches in total length, tail measures 6.5 ..
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