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Tom of Finland Toms Inflatable Silicone Dildo - Black
Is there even such a thing as too much dick? Find out the answer to that question with this enormous, inflatable dildo. The squeeze bulb is easy-to-use, with a pressure valve that keeps the air in when you want it, but quickly releases it as soon as you have had enough. The firm core inside the tex..
Towering Tom 11 Inch Dildo
This enormous, realistic-looking dildo is perfect for those who crave hefty girth and immense length. This meaty cock stands a proud 12.75 inches tall, with a full 11 inches of thick shaft to fill you to the brim. The gleaming PVC is nice and rigid, with just the right amount of give while still st..
Towering Tyrone Huge Black Dildo - Black
This large black dildo is perfect for those who crave hefty girth and immense length. This meaty cock stands a proud 11 inches tall, with a full 10 inches of thick shaft to fill you up good. The gleaming black PVC is nice and rigid, with just the right amount of give while still staying hard enough..
Tremendous Trevor 14 Inch Dildo - Black
Experience tremendous pleasure with a true behemoth- Tremendous Trevor is large, cocked, and ready for action! The shiny black PVC is stiff but bendy, making it perfect for fitting into tight spaces! The smooth shaft, textured balls, and ridged cock head all make for an exquisite toy for boys and g..
Ultra Veiny Black Mega Cock with Suction Cup Base - Black
This realistically shaped dildo is bulging with huge ripples and veins down the curved shaft for your excitement and enjoyment. With a big, bulbous head and enormous, textured balls, this jet black phallus is ready to penetrate any orifice of your choosing. The suction cup base allows you to mount ..
Vibrating Tower of Power Huge Dildo Strap On System - Black
Can you scale this immense column of cock? The Tower of Pleasure is a true high rise at 12.5 inches tall. A realistic head and veined shaft keep this extra long dildo grounded in reality, and the stiff TPR material will not bend or flex as you lower yourself onto it. The sturdy suction cup base kee..
Vibrating Vincent 11 Inch Dildo with Suction Cup - Flesh
This extra-large dildo is everything you have been looking for! Not only is it oversized for your biggest fantasies and realistically textured for your extreme pleasure, but it also contains a powerful vibrating bullet! Experience the deep thrum throughout the entire shaft, from the balls to the he..
Wrecking Balls XXL Giant Dildo - Black
Looking to test your limits? This enormous plug consists of 3 smooth bulbs that will stretch you open more and more as you plant yourself further down its length. The tapered tip gives you a little help to start, but you may have to work at this challenge! A ridge beneath the first bulb provides a ..
XXL Double Dong - Black
This super large double dong has enough length and girth to satisfy anyone who feels able to step up to the challenge of its massive size! Our largest double dong, this mega dildo has a smooth, tapered cock head on each end, with a full 28 inches of shaft to share. The flexible PVC material is slic..
XXL Inflatable Dildo - Black
Let this XXL inflatable dildo carry you away to ecstasy on a cloud of air. The solid rubber skin allows for the firmness needed when driving such a large dildo home, but remains malleable once inflated, allowing the air inside to flex and curve with your body. The thickness of the skin and the cush..
Zach SkinTech Realistic 10 Inch Dildo - Flesh
Max out on a massive monster cock! Made of innovative SkinTech material, this dong is crafted to faithfully fulfill your penetrative fantasies. If you think that bigger is better, you will love working this enormous shaft into you. Take it for a ride by suctioning the base to a smooth, hard surface,..