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Model: AD552-Red
Restrain your lover by letting your imagination run free with this versatile and classic bondage staple. The firm, tightly woven cotton cable is solid yet soft, perfect for tying your partner down, up, or any way you please. You have 32 feet of possibilities stretching in front of you. Let your mind..
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Model: AF832-Black
Excellent for adventurous beginners to backdoor play, this vibrating anal plug set includes three stimulating shaped plugs and a buzzing bullet vibe. Explore anal pleasure with 10 modes of vibration, including 3 speeds and 7 pulsating patterns. Just slide the petite bullet into the base of the plug ..
$21.14 $54.73
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Model: AC681
For those times when MORE is more, this pinwheel boasts a full 5 independently rotating spiked wheels to help you take your sensation play to the next level! Find all of their sensitive areas as you roll this spiky little tool along their body. The chrome finish makes for an impressive shiny new toy..
$32.73 $83.44
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Model: AD293
This sturdy yet lightweight spreader bar incorporates an innovative new feature that is sure to put it at the top of your wish list. The hollow aluminum offers secure featherweight restriction, aided by 4 adjustable leather cuffs . The fixed cuffs in the middle are secured at the back with a metal p..
$73.74 $185.53
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Auto Flogger Whip Attachment for Drills
Out Of Stock
Model: AF449
This flogger attachment provides non-stop impact when attached to a standard drill. Each of the 16 strand wills slap at your desired body part as the drill spins at whatever speed you desire. The metal rod easily inserts into most chucks, providing you with endless pain and pleasure without the labo..
$35.08 $88.33
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Model: AD650
This intro to hog tie kit is affordably priced yet still extremely effective. Perfect for those just getting started in the world of bondage, this 4 way restraint system allows you to tether your lover, wrists to ankles, leaving them exposed and at your mercy. The light weight fabric cuffs are comfo..
$17.21 $44.81
You save $27.60(61.6%)
Model: AB885
The Bionic Electric Pump lets you take your pumping experience to the next level! Our unique adapter lets you use this incredible pump with other Size Matters cylinders. It provides a continuous even flow of vacuum pressure, and its brass pressure valve allows you to adjust the intensity of the suct..
$210.04 $507.81
You save $297.77(58.64%)
Blaze 9X Self-Heating Silicone Vibrator
Out Of Stock
Model: AF154
Fire up your next masturbation experience or toy time with a partner! This rechargeable vibrator heats up to 38 degrees Celsius, or 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, within 3-5 minutes! With the push of a button you can experience an all new, more realistic sensation inside or outside your body! This revolu..
$62.43 $157.40
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Model: AE834
Lock up your lover in a unique set of stainless steel body restraints! Six pieces make up this fully customizable system: two ankle cuffs, two wrist cuffs, a collar, and a waistband. Five chains connect each cuff, as well as the collar or waistband. Decide if you would like your slave to be able to ..
$255.22 $620.84
You save $365.62(58.89%)
Model: AD714
A sexy little French cut number with a naughty hidden secret…These lace trimmed vibrating panties are set in motion with the push of a button on the wireless remote control. Whether it be by yourself having a stimulating night on the town, or your lover controlling your pleasure from the across the ..
$38.51 $98.09
You save $59.58(60.74%)
Model: AE203
These easy to use clamps have a simple screw-down design, accented with heart shaped padlock detailing. The vinyl coated tips allow for a comfortable and secure grip while the red lacquered heart accent dangles enticingly from the end. The screws on the sides allow you to control just how much press..
$11.54 $31.48
You save $19.95(63.36%)
Model: AC913
Experience dazzling massage to go! The Charmed Petite Wand is perfect for stimulating all your sensitive areas and looks fabulous doing it! This petite wand is powered by an ultra strong variable speed motor and is accented with beautiful pink and white gems. The ergonomic design of Charmed and the ..
$13.44 $34.82
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