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SKU: ENTA01146

G Female Stimulating Gel 1.7oz

  • Brand: Dreambrands
  • Availability: 38
  • Product Code: ENTA01146
  • Weight: 0.26lb
  • UPC: 852388001328


Now women can experience more pleasure than they ever thought possible...naturally! G consists of natural topical ingredients in a silky-smooth lubricating base. When applied directly to the clitoris, its warming sensation leads to powerful, explosive sensations. It's the chemistry behind G that makes it so special, yet the formula is all natural. It contains ingredients like carrageenan, which has its own extraordinary properties and health benefits, but toghether with a highly pure natural humectant derived from vegetables, they deliver a moisture-rich formula. This unique blend named Carrizma is a sexy blend of natural niacin, arginine, evening primrose oil and menthol for a special tingle.

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