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SKU: ENTA02966

Eye of Love - Love in the Sun Body Lotion 150ml - Rebel

  • Brand: Eye of Love
  • Availability: 6
  • Product Code: ENTA02966
  • Weight: 0.35lb
  • UPC: 818141013229


Eye of Love Love in the Sun Body Lotion is made with a proprietary blend of exotic oils, vitamins, pheromone and other natural ingredients. This nourishing blend can be used after the sun or every day to moisturize the skin and to smell great, enhance relationships and feel more attractive and confident.

Awaken her passion with this fresh and sensual contrast of soapy sweetness and exotic musk. Rebel is a great male fragrance with high pheromone delivery to improve everyday experience. It is specially formulated for Male to Female attraction and awareness.

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