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Model: AD547
This super realistic, exquisitely detailed, fully life sized, 3D mega masturbator is the ultimate in sex dolls! The layered rubber features multiple densities, to perfectly mimic the feel of real flesh over muscle. Her perky breasts are full, luscious, and topped by pretty pink nipples that are begg..
$841.80 $2,178.99
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Aeon Silicone Benwa Balls
Out Of Stock
Model: AC929
These decadent Kegel exercisers are weighted just right for supreme pleasure. Features removable inner balls that stay put when in use. You can change up the texture and weight by replacing them with your own set of free standing balls for more variety. Weighted for pelvic floor strengthening and st..
$14.76 $38.43
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Ammo Anal Plug
Out Of Stock
Model: AE731
Plug up your play thing and put some weight on their asshole! This unique plug has a screw in ring at the base so that you can add weights or pull your submissive around by a leash! The already heavy plug will give them a greater sense of fullness. The slick material and tapered tip make for a smoot..
$43.26 $111.17
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At Your Mercy Stainless Steel Neck to Wrist Restraints
Out Of Stock
Model: AE739
Lock up your lover in this simple and attractive set of steel manacles. Your pets wrists will be trapped up by their shoulders as you play with their vulnerable body. Each closure fastens with its own lock so that they cannot escape, no matter how much they squirm. Keep them in a compromising positi..
$149.60 $362.58
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Model: AF524
Draw massive amounts of blood into your penis to increase size and sensitivity! This powerful male sex toy uses a digital pump and gauge to create and measure pressure within the cylinder. One easy-to-use button turns the suction on or off, while another button quickly releases air when you are read..
$67.17 $168.82
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Model: AD720
This pecker studded party veil is the perfect accessory for a bachelorette party to mark the guest of honor! The simple barrette clip snaps into place, and the virgin white tulle is studded with peachy penises. Perfect for a night out with the girls! Measurements: 27 inches in total length Material:..
$9.19 $24.88
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Model: AC977-BU
...Once I place this over your eyes, you will be unable to see. You will have to rely on all your other senses as they will be heightened....Sir whispered. Intrigued, I nod in agreement....Say yes...he said....Yes....I muster. Everything in this scene was hot, including my body. He slipped on the bl..
$3.60 $9.95
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Model: AF983
Buzz your button with this variable speed wand massager! This petite massager packs an astonishing amount of power. Turn the dial at the base to find the speed that gets to work with the smooth and flexile head. The hum starts out very low and can be increased to a intensity that will give your body..
$13.78 $36.55
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Model: AD432
Take enema play to a new orgasmic level with this premium silicone enema attachment from Master Series. This inviting piece features 8 inches of insertable pleasure. Enjoy the texture of its ridged design as it penetrates while delivering desired fluids deep within you. The 5 swelled bumps will teas..
$21.56 $56.52
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Casey Everett Signature 7 Inch Silicone Dildo
In Stock
Model: DP102
Take off on a sexual adventure with this thick dick! Feel his massive girth filling and stretching your tight hole…Casey will always be hard, ready, and waiting for you. Soar to ecstasy with this exact replica of Casey, made in premium silicone. Realistically sculpted from Casey Everett himself, it ..
$44.68 $113.35
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Chilly Willies Penis Ice Cube Tray
Out Of Stock
Model: AD673
Let this tray freeze you up a nice batch of chilly willies to adorn your drinks with! This fun novelty tray makes 5 frosty peckers, so you can make your drink a true COCKtail. Measurements: 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width, each pecker measures 3.25 inches in length Material: Plastic Color: Cle..
$3.55 $9.96
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Model: AF684
Watch your penis buzz in this clear head-teaser! With super-powered twin vibrating bullets and a super-stretchy, head-encompassing sleeve, you can experience targeted stimulation on one of the most sensitive areas of your body! Just slip the cup over the head of your cock, and control the level of s..
$19.98 $51.59
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