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Erectile Enhancement Supplements

Model: AE858
Love Button is an arousal balm and sensual enhancer. This sensual blend provides tantalizing tingles wherever applied. Made from all natural ingredients, it can be used by men or women. Application is quick and easy and will not distract from the moment- simply rub a finger over the surface of the b..
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Model: VF612
Stud 100 gives you added staying power by slowing down the time it takes to reach climax. Now you can both enjoy sex instead of worrying about it being over before it has begun. Easy to use and works quickly. It is a mild anesthetic, sprayed on to the penis 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse. Stud 1..
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Model: AD895
Infused with sensual stimulants, each of these tropical mints will help add fuel to your erotic fire! With horny goat weed, yohimbe, maca powder, and natural flavors, these juicy mints help boost your sex drive and keep you going long into the night, for men and women both. Size: Each tin contains 2..
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Model: AD904
This countertop fishbowl display lets your customers quickly and easily grab a tin of these fun mints, perfect for retail displays and trade shows! Each fishbowl is filled with 60 tins of mints, each containing 20 pieces and labeled for individual sale. The mints are sugar free and infused with sexu..
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