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Miscellaneous Electrosex Gear

Brand: Unbranded Model: SDST155
These electrodes are wires with alligator clips on the end. Theyre not recommended for use directly on the skin, because they have strong springs and teeth. They can be applied to the flat ended sounds for electrical stimulation, or clamped on to any metal object. ...
Brand: Zeus Electrosex Model: SDAF688
The triple-pointed design of this silicone accessory allows you to tickle, tease, or torment with intense electro-stimulation! Forget about fragile glass and opt for a Violet Wand attachment that holds up against rough play and travel. If you have ever only used glass before in your Twilight Wand, ..
Zeus Electrode Penis Pads
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Brand: Zeus Electrosex Model: SDAB124
Made to be an accessory to any of the Zeus Electrosex Power Boxes, these strip penis pads will have you begging for more. You will be able to pin point the exact spot you want stimulated with these thin strips, unlike before with the large strips. Measurements: Each pad, not including the wire, is 2..
Brand: Zeus Electrosex Model: SDAB120
or a long time sex toys have been designed to stimulate those spots that send waves of pleasure coursing through your body. Thousands of devices have been made to rub, vibrate and massage those spots. Here at Zeus Electrosex, we believe there is a better way. Rather than rub those pleasure centers f..
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