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Electrosex Pads

Model: FP135
This kit will allow you to use tens pads with your Folsom and Erostek Units. Simply plug the banana plugs that come with your unit into the red adapters shown...
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Model: AD320
This state-of-the-art electro conductor allows the user to turn their body into the ultimate sensation tool! Just place the flat steel conduction pad against your body, then plug the end of the adapter into your Zeus Twilight Wand (sold separately). Now you are ready to give your partner a sensory e..
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Model: AC212
Now you can enjoy Zeus Premium Silicone Electro Pads in sexy black! These high quality electro-stimulation pads have great conductive qualities and lower resistance than most pads. Compatible with all Zeus power units. Measurements: Pads are 1.75 inches square, 54 inch long leads Material: Silicone ..
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Model: CM103
Electrosex works by running a gentle current through the body, exciting nerves and muscles along the way, essentially making your body pulse and vibrate. Use this 4 pack of electro conductive pads to replace your worn out Zeus products. Plugs easily into leads and helps evenly conduct stimulation ov..
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Model: AB124
Made to be an accessory to any of the Zeus Electrosex Power Boxes, these strip penis pads will have you begging for more. You will be able to pin point the exact spot you want stimulated with these thin strips, unlike before with the large strips. Measurements: Each pad, not including the wire, is 2..
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