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Electrosex Accessories

Model: AG147
Expand your Violet Wand play with 7 electrically erotic accessories! Light up your love life with a sensual and stimulating light show as you hover and glide the glowing attachments over the most sensitive areas of the body. Each of the seven pieces of this kit plug into your Zeus Twilight Violet Wa..
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Amped Ass Cock and Ball Strap with Anal eStim
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Model: AF540
Delight the senses with electricity into your ass and around the base of your cock and balls! This set includes everything you need to turn your Zeus Power Box into a dual stimulator for your anus and penis, including the necessary leads, an adjustable elastic strap that wraps around your package fo..
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Model: AE856
Explore new possibilities for electro-play. Connect the Awaken Uni-Polar E-Stim Gloves to your Zeus Powerbox and introduce your lover to the conductive energy of your caress. For sensation play enthusiasts, this exciting tool will take your play to a shocking new place. These travel-friendly and com..
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Model: AG260
Send a zap through your ass! Get ready for some shocking anal pleasure with this electro-conductive silicone butt plug. Enjoy a classic tapered shape, which makes it easy to insert and comfortable to wear for long play sessions. The lead wires are included to connect it to your Zeus Power Box, sold ..
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Model: AG107
Take controlling or being controlled to another level! Using the ELECTROSHOCK COCK CAGE will make your BDSM play even more scintillating! This high-quality polycarbonate chastity cage is the perfect way to confine your partners penis and control their sexuality. It is lightweight, durable, and hypoa..
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Model: AE277
This 10 mode extreme CBT ball crushing device is electrified internally, for intense sensations and rhythmic stimulation. The easy to use controller lets you cycle through all 6 intensity settings, and the adjustable screws let you control the pressure. The durable boards let you apply an intense sq..
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Model: AF958
Amplify your anal E-stim experience with this unique butt plug! Featuring a hollow core and two bold bulbs, this booty accessory allows a peek and poke inside while you are pleasured by the shape and electrostimulation. This plug hooks up to your compatible Zeus Powerbox with the included leads. Sho..
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Electric Wartenberg Wheel Estim Kit
Out Of Stock
Model: AF240
Kick sensation play up a notch with an exciting electrical experience! This kit includes a Wartenberg wheel, conduction pads, and a set of leads to attach to your Zeus Powerbox. Attach one pad and the pinwheel to the leads and use your powerbox to control the level of electrostimulation, from a tiny..
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Model: AE781
Electrify your Sex Life with this Silicone Estim Prostate Kit! Everything you need to stimulate your prostate with electricity is included in this set! Featuring the Zeus Palm Powerbox, you will be able to stick the silicone pads anywhere you want on your body, including your ass cheeks, thighs, or ..
$58.94 $156.28
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Model: MI810
These two lightweight plastic clamps with rubber on one edge feel very sexy to even wear alone. They do not pinch very tight, making them great for use on the most sensitive private areas. They can stimulate great pleasure if used correctly. The design makes it easy to use with or without other acce..
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Model: AG138
Get ready for some shocking anal pleasure! This E-stim anal accessory is shaped to stimulate all your sweet spots, with ripples and curves that take you to the edge. Just plug the included leads into your compatible Zeus Powerbox to send tingles and zaps into your ass, or your partners! The silky-s..
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Model: AE360
This kit has everything a man needs to enjoy targeted, intense estim sensations on his most sensitive areas! The elastic bands are designed to stretch to fit, and are specially suited to wrap around his shaft to deliver penetrating and powerful electro stimulation right to the shaft of his cock. The..
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