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Electric and Battery Powered Fucking Machines

Model: AG123
Choose between a bouncy seat, or a sturdy, cushioned seat... then choose between a sex machine, your favorite dildo, or your partners face! The new 4 in 1 Bangin Bench is more versatile than ever, with a new way to get comfortable and a new way to get banged. Indulge in hands-free ecstasy with a re..
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Model: AF399
Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine is the first remote control single or double penetration sex machine in the world with remote control vibration and warming for intense pleasure! Single or double penetration, vibrating pleasure, a wireless remote control, and more! Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine has it al..
$835.35 $2,126.67
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Model: AE161
This impressive sex machine has the ability to adjust over a range of 45 degrees, so you or your partner can be taken from multiple angles! This thrusting powerhouse comes with a flexible realistic dildo, vibrating one touch remote, and a tapered silicone probe for anal or vaginal penetration. High ..
$539.72 $1,382.18
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Model: AE750
Beat off in the ultimate swirling sensations of a revolutionary rechargeable stroker! Indulge in 8 different rhythmic speeds of vibration and rotation! Your cock has never felt anything like the soft, textured interior of this male masturbation device. Turn off the lights and feel the intense, revol..
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Black Magic Fucking Machine - 110V
Out Of Stock
Model: OG175-US
This machine can be positioned at any height from floor level up to about 40 inches. The positive locking joints adjust quickly and easily, one turn loose to move and one turn tight to lock, and close to a rock solid connection. The thrust arm can be pointed anywhere from straight up to straight dow..
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Model: OG176-US
The most flexible tripod style fucking machine available. Black Magic XL has a very unique frame with several joints, offering a plethora of positioning possibilities. This fucking machine can be positioned anywhere up to 40 inches above the feet. It is easy to adjust so position changes can be made..
$1,572.80 $4,110.61
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Model: AD261
Go vertical, go horizontal, go crazy! The Caesar 3.0 Love Machine slides between your mattress and box spring for fun usage in the bed, or simply place it on the floor. The non-marring, non-skid base offers strong adherence to the floor or mattress, and the design offers easy height and angle adjust..
$627.50 $1,676.00
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Model: AE683
One of our most popular fucking machines now comes bundled with our most powerful vibrating wand, for intense pleasure, inside and out! The Thunderstick features the highest RPMs of any wand available today, with a battery free plug in design for endless power. Slip the wand inside the sturdy wand h..
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Drill-A-Hole Fucking Kit
Out Of Stock
Model: FH900
Time to get to work and give your partner the swirling satisfaction their hole is craving! This complete package has everything you need to get the job done! Perfect for unique sensations, this fuckdrill fills them up with a realistic dong that will spin as fast as you want while you thrust in and o..
$142.66 $346.47
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Model: AF942
This vibrating masturbation stroker goes beyond fantasy, allowing you to penetrate a vagina and feel a tongue within! Treat your penis to 3 speeds and 4 functions of vibration from the vulva and flickering from the tongue. Just lube up and slip right in! You can even detach the tongue portion to use..
$99.84 $257.80
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Model: AE904
This versatile pleasure tool provides unique stimulation to men, women, and couples! Enjoy swirling and buzzing ecstasy with two different accessories to choose from. The male accessory allows him to penetrate it with his shaft and feel the soft tendrils circle around the head of his penis, and even..
$101.19 $266.29
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Model: AE751
Introducing the Jaxxx Hammer 2.0, an updated design for self-pleasure or adventures with your partner. With four vibration intensities and two new rhythmic settings, you can experiment with further levels of satisfaction with this rechargeable sex machine. Three thrusting speeds allow you to get the..
$132.88 $321.96
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