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SKU: ENT29390

DTF Card Game

  • Brand: Kheper Games
  • Availability: 57
  • Product Code: ENT29390
  • Weight: 0.00lb
  • UPC: 825156110232


Fun, simple, visual and on-trend. Just for the couple who is looking for that spark that may need stoking or perfect for those in the early stages of dating (first-date fun, anyone?) the DTF Card Game is great for those who are looking to spice it up or just do something different, but may not have the words to say it. Shy or bold, this is not your typical gin rummy. 2 players have 52 emoji cards to work with as they build fantasies to act out in the moment to or sext each other in the future. Each player gets 7 emoji cards and starts dealing out whats on their frisky, fun mind. Package contains 52 emoji cards and game rules. Two players only.

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