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Crushing Devices

Model: AC551
Make your sub beg with the heavy steel Ball Press Chamber. Secure the removable ring around their scrotum, then place their balls into the hollow chamber. Use the included hex key to lock the ring onto the end of the chamber and their boys are now enclosed in a cool steel cylinder. Now you are in co..
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Model: MO106
For the most intense ball-crushing play get this acrylic cock and ball crusher. This cock and ball board can apply pressure to both the cock and balls or just the balls, by simply inserting your cock and balls through the back hole. Then screw down the wingnuts to apply more and more pressure. If yo..
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Penis Pillory
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Model: AG235
Keep those sneaky hands where you can see them! This bondage set includes a collar, cuffs, and a penis vice - all connected by a strong steel rod! Tighten the luxurious leather cuffs and collar around your playthings wrists and throat, then unscrew the lugnuts on the rod to fasten it to the collar. ..
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Model: VF304
This is a marvelously effective ball crusher with a very industrial look. Its operation is simple. Every turn of the screw tightens it a little bit more. Once it is on tight the ring at the end of the screw can be used to hang weights from for even more CBT excitement. Measurements: 4.5 inches in le..
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Model: TF3340
For CBT enthusiasts, sometimes slow and steady is the best way to fully appreciate the unique sensations of scrotum torment. This thumb-screw style ball crusher gives you or your partner complete control over the pressure on your balls. Lock that sack in the vice and twist the screws to raise the ha..
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