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Cosmo Kama Sutra - 99 Mind Blowing Sex Positions

  • Brand: Hearst Books
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  • Product Code: ENT3257
  • Weight: 2.38lb
  • UPC: 978158816971
  • ISBN: 9781588169716


The 18 million fun, fearless readers of Cosmopolitan agree on one thing: no one knows sex better. Now Cosmo's perennial bestseller is available in a great new gift format--and it's hotter than ever, with 22 sizzling new positions. Each of the 99 positions is illustrated and features precise instructions on mastering the move. It's a torrid tour-de-force that will be as much fun to give as to receive. And now, the table of contents makes it easy to search by type of position--such as sitting, standing, and reclining--so you can find the move you want...even in the heat of the moment.

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