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SKU: ENT26851

Cosmo's STRIPtease Poker

  • Brand: Sterling Publishing
  • Availability: 239
  • Product Code: ENT26851
  • Weight: 0.53lb
  • UPC: 978161837280


Just when you thought a game of strip poker couldnt get any hotter, Cosmo comes up with a daring and erotically adventurous twist. This sizzling deck includes 52 playing cards with super-sexy illustrations, plus a companion deck of 25 Strip or Tease Cards. Heres how it works: Players each get five cards from the first deck, and after a round of 5-card stud, the loser has to pick a card at random from the second deck. Will they choose a card that instructs them to peel off a particular article of clothing? Or, will it order them to kiss their way down their partners body, maintaining eye contact the entire time? Or, perhaps theres something even naughtier in store. Bottom line: With Cosmo dealing the cards, the game has never been more satisfying. So . . . Are you ready to play?

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