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Womens Bottoms and Panties

Menagerie Vibrating Panty
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Model: AC626
Lose control...remotely. There you are, this public space, all these people around. You look across the table at the one person in the room that controls your ecstasy. They give you that smile, the one that says: you belong to me. Then intense vibration begins... The Menagerie Vibrating Panties are ..
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Model: AF429
Tease yourself or your partner with a set of vibrating panties! If you are playing solo, the wireless remote makes it easy to cycle through the 3 speeds and 4 functions of this adorable set of lace-trimmed underwear. Playing with a partner, it gives you control of your partners pleasure, even from a..
$44.79 $112.37
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Model: AF841
Get frisky with your partner at home or out on a date! This remote control panty set puts the power in your hands while a premium silicone vibrator vibrates within these sexy black panties! The push of a simple button will tease your writhing plaything with 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration! Crea..
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Pulsating Panty 10X Remote Control Cheeky Style Vibrating Panty
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Model: AE667
Whether you are looking to spice up a night at home, or get kinky out and about, this discreet remote control vibrating panty set will create an unforgettable experience! Make your fantasies come to life when you take complete control of your lovers pleasure. Tuck the vibrator into the sexy and styl..
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