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Tops, Corsets and Bras

Model: AF494
This attractive chest harness has three adjustable buckles to ensure a flattering fit on a range of female bodies. Made of a heavy-duty leather-like material with chrome hardware, it is striking and memorable for BDSM play. Two large D-rings, one at the neck and one at the sternum, serve as attachme..
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Larissa Sexy Ladies Harness
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Model: AG105
Stylish, sturdy, sexy, simple... they all apply to this straight forward harness! Starting with a comfortable and adjustable strap between the breasts, a big O-ring divides two bonded leather straps in a v-shape leading sensually to the back. Moving downwards, seductive O-rings above your booty and ..
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Model: AF523
Made of genuine leather, this attractive BDSM harness feels as sexy as it looks! Buckle the collar around your throat, or your partners, tightening it to the perfect fit. Wrap the underbust straps around your back and secure them, leaving your breasts exposed inside each leather triangle. The chrome..
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Model: AD499
This restrictive restraint piece is an exquisite way to bind your lover in style. The leather bodice is wrapped with adjustable buckles, with silver accents for a stunning display. The leather has a slight amount of flexibility to it, but is designed to encourage your subject to stand up straight an..
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Waist Trainer Corset with Panties- Medium
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Model: AE816-Medium
Cinch up your delicious lovers waist- or your own- in this luxurious under bust corset from Master Series. The attractive brocade creates an elegant aesthetic, perfect for wear under or over clothing as your favorite fetish accessory. A matching G-string will complete your seductive ensemble, showin..
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