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Fifty Days of Play Satin Blindfold
Experience the excitement of not knowing what's coming next or what a partner is doing while surrendering to sensual submission. Or, blindfolding a partner frees the other from any pleasure-inhibiting self consciousness...
Quickie Cuffs - Medium
These soft but strong silicone cuffs are flexible enough to fit over anyone's hands, but robust enough to remain firmly in place during restraint play. Easy for discreet home or travel use without the need for chains or keys!..
SXY Neoprene Cross Cuffs
A revolutionary cuff for the NXT level of bondage play. SXY Cuffs have a firm hold for instant control and passionate power play. The unique pivoting cuffs give total comfort however much the wearer resists. Strong Velcro fastening fit allows partners to take turns being in charge while the strategi..