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SKU: ENT37746

Calligraphuck F*cking Awesome Coloring Book

  • Brand: Calligraphuck
  • Availability: 138
  • Product Code: ENT37746
  • Weight: 0.61lb
  • UPC: 978145215982
  • ISBN: 9781452159829


Featuring delightfully irreverent phrases, lovely calligraphy, and illustrated backgrounds, this coloring book invites adults to color their f*cking stress away! With a range of profanity from upbeat sweary affirmations to hilariously sassy sayings, 30 different expletives offer creative stimulation and cathartic release for any mood. Designs are printed on thick, removable, frame-worthy pageswith metallic ink patterns on the back of each pagemaking them easy to share and display.

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