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SKU: ENT57735

Bristols 6 - Stylin` Tape

  • Brand: Bristols 6
  • Availability: 37
  • Product Code: ENT57735
  • Weight: 0.06lb
  • UPC: 876651000665


Bristols 6 is one of the most famous little companies in the big world of fashion. Their line of uber-sexy body cover-ups is a true Hollywood favorite! Their products and the packaging appeal to any audience with a passion for fashion, beauty and quality. Ever wonder how celebs manage to keep those plunging necklines in place? Nippies Stylin' secures necklines, slipping shoulder straps and holds up strapless bras, tops and dresses. From special nights out to keeping covered at work, stylin' tape keeps your clothes where they belong... and keep you out of the tabloids! Made from the finest medical grade adhesives on the market that are skin safe, completely clear and totally flexible. Each pack contains 24 pieces in 3 widths.

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