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SKU: ENT29211

Bride to Be We've Never Card Game

  • Brand: Kheper Games
  • Availability: 29
  • Product Code: ENT29211
  • Weight: 0.33lb
  • UPC: 825156107973


The "I Have Never" drinking game variation that creates the bride-to-be party! Toast what you've done together before and what you'll do tonight! Players take turns selecting cards and reading them to the group. Members of the group who have done the action previously, take a drink. If the bride-to-be has not done the action, she then decides if the group will do it later in the evening. The group then carries out the But We Will selections as group dares. Includes 160 "We've Never" adventures that are sure to bring fun and unpredictable results from her last night out as a "free" woman!

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