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Boy Butter Lubricants

Model: VE039
Boy Butter is safe, fun and most effective. Boy Butter can easily facilitate some of the sexual acts below: Masturbation Mutual Masturbation Anal Sex Vaginal Sex Straight Sex Gay Sex Lesbian Sex Sex Toy Fun Fisting Erotic Massage Covered or Bareback Sex And Birthday Novelty Fun..
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Boy Butter 9oz Squeeze Bottle
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Model: VF658
Boy Butter is a combination of coconut and silicone ingredients fused to create a premium lubricant for sexual activity. Boy Butter has several uses and benefits including: Being an organic, oil-based, water-soluble formula. Washes off easily with water. Has an odorless and colorless texture. Safe f..
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Model: AE663
Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Lubricant in the 9 oz Squeeze bottle is a desensitizing personal lubricant made with Coconut-oil, other natural ingredients and 5 percent benzocaine, a topical anesthetic to help you push beyond your wildest limits, find greater comfort with penetration or to manage ..
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