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America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction
Award-winning journalist Brian Alexander, the man behind's popular "Sexploration" column, was confused: in an era where conservative family values dominate, why were his readers writing in with very uninhibited, very unusual, very kinky queries? To find out what people are really doing beh..
Blow Each Other Away by Jaiya
How can a book on going down change someone's life? How can having great oral sex be as important as having great intercourse? The truth is that oral sex can actually be the key to unlocking sexual confidence, excitement, and intimacy. With the increasing prevalence of oral sex in the media and news..
Red Hot Touch: A Head to Toe Handbook for Mind-Blowing Orgasms
Your hands can play a piano concerto, perform surgery, juggle - and give your partner mind-blowing pleasure. If you're not using your hands to their fullest potential during sex, you are depriving your partner of untold bliss. It's time to learn how to use your mitts in ways that will have your part..
Sex For One
Confronting one of our last and most deeply rooted taboos: masturbation, noted sex expert Betty Dodson takes the shame out of self-love by creating a straightforward and appealing guidebook...
Size Matters: The Hard Facts About Male Sexuality That Every Woman Should Know