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BDSM Contract
Written by an attorney, this legal-style document is essential in negotiate an understanding power exchange. Set down goals, desires, boundaries and limits. Every important relationship formalities are covered including rights, responsibilities, limits, punishment, communication and areas of control..
Betty Page Confidential
Featuring never before seen photographs, this book features photos by Bunny Yeager, text by Stan Corwin Productions and an intro by Buck Henry. It is all in black and white and many of the photos are topless. This title will appeal to anyone who is intrigued by this iconic legend of pin-up photograp..
Cunt Coloring Book
In 1973, Tee Corinne set out to do drawings of women's genitalia for use in sex education groups. Originally published in 1975, the Cunt Coloring Book was immediately popular although many people complained about the "awful" title. Three printings later, in 1981, the title was changed to Labiaflower..
Erotic Dots
These dot-to-dots are not child's play-but they are fun! Racy, raunchy, and sizzling hot, this bestselling adult activity book can spice up your life. Each of these tantalizing color photos hides the intimate details with dots; to see the full sexy scene you have to make the connection. So grab your..
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
This mini book comes complete with a spinner on the cover and playful pages helping women answer that age-old question: Does he love me or love me not? This fun little book will help you interpret even the most strange and confusing male behavior...
Kinky Contract
Written by an attorney, this legal-style document is a practical guide to help establish a beautiful kinky experience that is refreshingly naughty. Use this document to define wants, needs, limits, boundaries and expectations. Going over this document entices couples to explore, guiding them to crea..
Men in Uniform Coloring Book
X-Rated Shots Mini Book
It's more than alcohol that gives these 50 shot recipes that extra kick. The pages are filled with names that range from suggestive to downright triple-X-Rated! This miniature book is perfectly sized to bring along to the bar and shock the bartender with a naughty request! A great gift for someone w..