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Hunter House

Brand: Hunter House Model: AP3289
Now in a revised 2nd edition! An open, positive, and down-to-earth discussion that will help women reconnect with their G-spot and discover their natural ability to ejaculate. Topics include: a description of a typical workshop in which women first learn to find the G-spot, exercises, sexual positio..
Brand: Hunter House Model: AP34956
Author Elizabeth Davis focus on sexual changes over time is what makes this book unique; she gives insight into what is natural at each sexual stage and how it all fits together in the context of a lifetime. This book envisages menarche (first menstruation), childbirth, and menopause as transformati..
Brand: Hunter House Model: AP3748
Tantric Sex for Women encourages women to explore their sexuality in an open, playful, personal way. Using an inclusive, empowering approach, the author explains how every woman, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, or solo can increase her pleasure and add delight to her sexual encounters. Key topics i..
Brand: Hunter House Model: AP36341
This no-nonsense guide helps mothers-to-be maintain intimacy through all three trimesters and beyond. It covers a wide range of issues regarding sex and pregnancy, including the unanswered, difficult and taboo questions and topics that most people are afraid to address. It also helps partners develo..
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