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Brand: Green Candy Press Model: AP37201
Are you looking to explore the kinkier side of your sex life on the weekends? Maybe you want to move into a full time 24/7 D/s relationship with your Mistress? Do you spend your days dreaming of wilder sex but dont know how start? Whether youre just dipping your toes into kink for the first time or ..
Brand: Green Candy Press Model: AP37602
For singles and couples looking to take a walk on the wild side but questioning where to begin, How to be Kinky offers the perfect starting place. Instead of emphasizing techniques and clinical issues, it takes a more practical approach, with advice on finding a scene, negotiating kinky play with a ..
Brand: Green Candy Press Model: AP37486
Back on the Ropes is a photo-illustrated, step-by-step bondage manual that demonstrates 61 ties... and how to put them into action. In total, thats more than 70 techniques, including twenty-four more ties than Two Knotty Boys first book, Showing You the Ropes. Back on the Ropes uses clear, concise c..
Brand: Green Candy Press Model: AP3764
This entertaining, photo-illustrated book teaches 37 step-by-step fun and easy techniques for tying sensual and beautiful rope bondage. Its designed for fun, easy, hands-on practice with more than 750 photographs and explanatory captions for those wishing to explore the art of rope bondage...
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