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Brand: Da Capo Press Model: AP40991
This book has everything you want to know about the Big O! Includes information on having them during intercourse, the G-spot, first orgasms, oral sex, multiple orgasms, female ejaculation, toys, piercings, a chapter for lesbian, bisexual and queer women and a chapter for men on how to turn her on a..
Brand: Da Capo Press Model: AP3456
The 2,000-year-old Kama Sutra is widely regarded as the most famous work on erotic pleasure ever created. This original new interpretation of the Hindu sex classic features 40 easy-to-follow explicit positions, each beautifully illustrated by stunning color photographs, step-by-step instructions, di..
Brand: Da Capo Press Model: AP34518
The ABCs of everyones favorite fantasy -- a hip and informative guide for the perfect threesome. A step-by-step guide to realizing the new American dream, The Threesome Handbook is the first book to give tri-curious men and women the inside scoop on threesomes. As threesomes have finally slipped int..
Brand: Da Capo Press Model: AP33918
Did you know that 20 million women suffer from painful intercourse? Did you know that as many as 40% of those women will not seek medical care? Often going undiscussed or misdiagnosed, painful sex is a condition that most medical professionals are still in the dark about. Now, three experts in the f..
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