Bruno Gmunder

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Bible of Gay Sex
Hallelujah! Finally there is a book that tells you ALL readers need to know about gay sex. Stephan Niederwieser informs readers everything they need to know, whether it's dating, health, the best ways to relax or the responsible use of stimulants. The Bible of Gay Sex is a richly-illustrated, compet..
Dick Book
The Dick Book is the ultimate gay guidebook that provides the answers to all those questions about the 'little willy'. Competent advice, facts and trivia worth knowing will help readers get their bits in top shape. The Dick Book is open-minded, and of course it's richly illustrated...
Gayma Sutra
In, over and out? Not with the Gayma Sutra! This richly illustrated guide book will help spice up sex with endless position varieties. Axel Neustaedter has tested all the ways to play and found the ones to give readers the pleasure they've always wanted. He answers crucial questions about the most e..