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Brand: Amorata Press Model: AP40997
Packed full of exciting positions -- a new one for every day of the year. It illustrates a different position on every page with 365 tastefully explicit color photographs and presents a broad range of positions including sensual, loving, challenging and acrobatic...
Brand: Amorata Press Model: AP39095
What is female ejaculation? Where is the G-spot? How is the G-spot best stimulated? How can you experience female ejaculation? These questions and more are all answered in this how-to manual which allows readers to expand their capacity for pleasure by learning to give and experience the ecstasy of ..
Brand: Amorata Press Model: APB00090
Few things spice up a couples sex life faster and easier than a new position. Opening the pages of Lesbian Sex Positions is like pouring fuel on a fire for any lesbian couple, or any two women who want to get it on togehter. From sensual to steamy, these innovative and sexy positions take lovemaking..
Brand: Amorata Press Model: AP36494
Ready to explore the best, boldest and bravest positions of all time? Open to any page in The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions and discover adventurous new possibilities. Explained in detail and illustrated with tastefully explicit photos, the positions in this book offer head-over-heel..
Brand: Amorata Press Model: AP40998
Its true -- 75% of men ejaculate during the first two minutes of intercourse. Wouldnt you rather be the kind of man who knows with total confidence that he can satisfy any woman beyond her wildest dreams? Male Multiple Orgasm teaches men how to be amazing sexual partners -- sensitive, passionate, an..
Brand: Amorata Press Model: AP40982
Get ready for quickie advice on everything! Includes the art of self-pleasure, sexual communication, foreplay, fantasies, sex positions, techniques and sex toys. There is even a special chapter for popular questions on issues ranging from faking orgasms to harboring a secret interest in spanking...
Brand: Amorata Press Model: APB00091
Thanks to this first-ever interactive intercourse guide, you and your lover can explore exciting new sex positions in an enjoyable, approachable and brightly colored way. Just be sure to stay inside the lines as you learn to be creative between the sheets. Perfect as a bachelorette, wedding shower o..
Brand: Amorata Press Model: AP39078
Discover the pleasures of the G-spot and experience mind-blowing sex every time. This book helps you take your sex life to a higher level. The author carefully details proven techniques that are amazingly simple yet guaranteed to elicit the ultimate in female pleasure...
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