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Suicide Girls No. 4
A chronicle of the exploits and photographs of the world famous alternative model cult known as the Suicide Girls...
Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined
Suicide Girls - Beauty Redefined explores the Suicide Girl phenomenon from their start in 2001 to their websites one million unique weekly visitors today. This giant compilation provides a timely look at the fascinating women who created and inhabit the SG community. With an introduction by SG found..
Suicide Girls: Geekology
"SuicideGirls: Geekology" casts the spotlight on the self-proclaimed geeks of the SuicideGirls population-the video-game players, the comic-book readers, the Trekkies, and many other shining examples of the culture they're celebrating. Once a subculture of a subculture, women are now a full force in..
Suicide Girls: Hard Girls, Soft Light
When we say Hard Girls we mean "hard" in the British slang sense of the word, which is used to describe someone who is tough, strong, a little dangerous, and who doesn't take crap from anyone. Make no mistake, these women are beautiful, and can be vulnerable and sweet, but conversely they are also c..