A lot of people thought the world was going to end in 2012, considering factors such as the election year and the end of the Mayan calendar to be signs of an impending apocalypse. Boy does 2012 look lovely and uncomplicated compared with the concerns of 2020: the pandemic, extreme, publicized racial violence, deep tension between the United States and countries such as China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea, and a presidential race underscored by an erratic (to put it nicely) sitting president. These days, adults need a way to fully relax, figure out their sleep schedules, and get in touch with their P or G spots. That’s why in 2020, compared to all the years before, it has become necessary to not only buy adult products but start talking about them in a real way like we did not before. 

Sure, talking about whether you want to shove a carrot-shaped dildo or a thick chode into your hoo-ha may give you feelings of embarrassment. But if we can’t have sex as we normally have, we all need to get on tap with our inner Goddesses to make sure we keep it tight and neat at home. What would be worse than a little embarrassment talking about your butthole or vagina? Taking your emotional tension out on your coworkers and friends in fits of unknowing, sexually-frustrated bad moods. In the spirit of dialogue and self-acceptance, here are a couple of options for sex toys and adult products that you may want to check out.

Throw These Suction Cup Dildos Against the Wall for a Fun Party Trick

So you’re trying to get all of your friends together for a socially-distanced, fully-masked-up party to lift everyone’s spirits during this dark, uncertain time. It’s not necessarily an orgy, but rather a more standard get-together. You don’t have a lot to watch on TV. You don’t have a bar to go to. You certainly can’t all go to the movie theaters together. So the question remains – how do you enjoy your time with your friends in a creative, productive way?

An out-of-the-box option is to buy suction cup dildos for the whole party. Yes, suction cup dildos can absolutely be used for private use. But they can also be hilarious, PG-13 rated party favor to use with your friends. Simply throw one or more suction cup dildos at the wall, and see if they stick! You can make it a game or competition like darts too if you want. Quick note: if you do use a suction cup dildo to pleasure yourself, you may not want to use that exact one with friends. And if you do, make sure to wash it off first.

Ejaculating Dildo: Get Yourself Soaked

Okay, we may have just skipped a few steps. We have gone from your average working person during Covid to buying a massive ejaculating dildo. But bear with me, I promise you you won’t regret it. For those who like being seeded, who may not get the chance before the year is over, you still have an opportunity to get your needs met. It may seem weird or gross to you, but having an ejaculating dildo can really improve your self-esteem. Imagine the guy (or girl or them) of your dreams, not being able to help it and splooging all over your insides and out. You don’t have to imagine anymore.